Am I trying to be really smart? or I am just another wannabe around? I don't know!

Well, I am really new here, and I am in to get some suggestions/ideas about my 'dream home' plans. To brief about me and my earning power, I am 25, living in Chennai with my parents, working for an IT major and, earning around 50-55K rupees pm.

I want/wishfully think :) to buy a property in Chennai, not as an R2I but for my own residential usage. After seeing, analyzing the property rates, cost of living, proximity to places, I have decided to stick to the southern part of Chennai, particularly Madipakkam (Northern part - Sadhasivam nagar, Ram nagar north etc). The reasons are - The locality is quite good, close proximity to Velachery MRTS and Vijayanagar bus depot, closer to OMR, rates are kind of affordable*.

*Affordable - Here is my plan / definition
- There are CMDA approved lands available for approximately 55L to 60L per ground whose guideline value stands upto 45L to 46L per ground.
- I along with 3 friends of mine are planning to buy around 2700 sqft of land, register it sharing equally (SBI gives out 80% loan for the total land + construction)
and the repayment would be approximately 22 to 25K pm for my salary
- The plan is to build two 3BHKs in the first floor, and car parking + 2 2BHKs in the ground floor

I am in the process of seeing lands now. I checked with a legal advisor of a builder about how this is workable and got some very high level inputs from him - the abstract is that this is doable legally. From the perspective of the banker, also this is doable, and I might get a loan for 80% of the total cost involved. I am yet to check with the architect/designer on this.

I thought it would be nice to get some advice from experts, advaced RE investor people around - Kindly advice me on
1. Is this plan totally workable? Are there any major, legal or other vital points that I have missed out?
2. Is this the right period to do this? Since this is for my (same with the case of other friends involved) own usage, should I wait in to see the speculated downfall of the RE market?
3. Market rate for a flat in those areas is 3800 to 4000 Rs per sq. ft.
If I work out this way, I will have to spend 16L (64L land price + registration / 4) + 15L for construction (lets keep 1100 sqft for 1300 rs per sq ft) - total 31L Rupees for a 1100 sqft flat with 700 sqft of land in my name.
By this way, I will end up saving approximately 10L rupees with a larger land share.
4. Am I overlooking things anywhere?
5. What could be the potential problems in doing so - at this stage, or in the future?
5. Any suggestions / advice on how, what to do and what not do do is appreciated.

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