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Panapakkam - Kaveripakkam SIPCOT areas


Panapakkam - Kaveripakkam SIPCOT areas

Last updated: March 6 2009
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  • Panapakkam - Kaveripakkam SIPCOT areas

    Builders say that SIPCOT has been approved in panapakkam. this area is around 40 mins from sriperumbudur. The price quoted is rs 69 per sq ft.

    The builder plot areas include kaveripakkam,panapakkam,sholingur areas.

    Is it worthwile to invest here for long term period of around 5 years ?

    Per plot price would be around 1.9 lacs with registration and development charges. Please advise details on this areas and any forseen prospects because of newly proposed greenfield airport and multiple SIPCOTs proposed by govt around this area.

    i have visited the land and the mud is red and water is also very nice.
    Let me know your comments.
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    Re : Panapakkam - Kaveripakkam SIPCOT areas

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