hello members,
im NRI ,planning to return to India in 3 years.im searching for a plot to construct a house.my budget is 50L FOR 1800 TO 2400 square feet.we are planning to start the construction right away since my parents will live there with us.i already own a land in vandalur-kelambakkam road but want to stay a little more closer to city.can you guys suggest me some good places with good schools and connectivity to OMR?thanks in advance.
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  • Budget 50 Lakhs for both land and construction cost ??
  • 50L just for the land.thanks.
  • Medavakkam, pallikaranai, velechery...thoraipakkam perungudi .since u say u r a software junkyard, we request u to be double careful and do your homework and u should directly enter into the field and try to negotiate hard before finalizing any project. Just dont go on a fine sunday morning book and give the cheque without understanding anything. Dont reveal that u r a nri or a junkyard professional to the vendor before finalizing price.
  • Best would be to go for TNHB Layout in Sholinganallur which is right on the IT heart. You may get it around 50L to 55L for 1800 sq ft plot (depends on the locaion). No problems will be there with the papers. Great place to be in, which is very next to INFOSYS AND TCS campus opp to Aavin.
  • Anyone staying in Sholinganallur TNHB? I'm interested to know their views.
    I don't see anyone building their home and staying in that place, maybe things have changed now. For long term investment, it is a goldmine, if you manage to safeguard against fraudsters and encroachers until then.

    Anyone buying shols TNHB with idea of building house must visit that place before taking decision.
  • For 50L, you will get only 1/2 ground in areas like Thoraipakkam
  • Originally Posted by cafemm2012
    Medavakkam, pallikaranai, velechery...thoraipakkam perungudi .since u say u r a software junkyard, we request u to be double careful and do your homework and u should directly enter into the field and try to negotiate hard before finalizing any project. Just dont go on a fine sunday morning book and give the cheque without understanding anything. Dont reveal that u r a nri or a junkyard professional to the vendor before finalizing price.

    Velachery,thoraipakkam,perungudi are too expensive for my budget.in pallikaranai and medavakkam I get 1800 square feet for that budget but only in 20 feet roads with not many houses around.am I missing any area? How is the area nemilchery(I think) close to chrompet ? kindly help me.thanks.
  • You are saying your are an NRI. Do you think you will be able to live in those areas?

    All I am trying to point out is try to differentiate between Investment and End Use.
  • Nemilicherry is the cheapest residential locality in Chromepet area, it is prone to water logging so you have to be careful while selecting.

    Why not buy apartment in city? I would strongly discourage settling down in suburbs unless you have family ties or some special bonding for that area. If you are used to living in city or in developed countries, Chennai suburbs may be hard to adjust to unless you live in an integrated township with full power backup, swimming pool and clubhouse facilities.

    If you budget permits, better go for apartments within city or integrated townships in suburbs. If you are targetting investment it is a different story. OMR is always good to invest except for some pockets like close to dumpyard, STP or slum rehabilitation areas. I would also recommend east tambaram and nemilicherry if you are looking for investments as well as place to settle down after 10-15 yrs.
  • i don't believe when you say you can't get 1800 sq ft for 50 lakhs in medavakkam or pallikaranai.
    Land prices in these areas will be any where between 60 lakhs to 90 lakhs for 2400 sq ft depending on locality.

    if you compromise on road and locality and distance from the main road, you can get 2400 for 40 to 60L also.

    Check carefully, Don't reveal you are NRI or that you a junkyard professional. don't believe brokers.
  • hey cafe ! what is your grouse against IT professionals ? relax and take a chillpill man.
  • @Zapper,

    Come on Man, I take chemicals daily.
    I don't have any grouse against you junkyard professionals -JPs. i have seen most of the JPs throw their money away just like that without bothering about anything and behave as though the builders are doing a charity work for them though they have paid lakhs and lakhs .
    Later these JPs crib, curse, wail and weep, post in forums, threaten to go to consumer courts and do all sorts of non-sense.

    so whenever i get a chance ,I try to to make these JPs realize that it is their birth right to bargain, check quality and know the details before arriving at a decision and that builders are not JPs' Maternal uncles to keep quiet.

    Question these JPs on where is a particular location, or ask them what is a carpet area and what comprises of common area ?, or prevailing rates in an area where they plan to buy a flat. You could very well be sure that they will be greeted with a facial expression as if they have landed not from mars but from outer galactic space and only few minutes back they have landed on planet earth.

    and these JPs are not doing anything great in their offices, mostly they are script kiddies or do some junkyard testing work or just while away their time, but they pose as if they are rocket scientists from NASA or ISRO.

    for ironing a shirt, the dhobi is my street charges 1x for all people but for JPs he charges 1.5x or even 2x if his customer is a super dooper JP -SDJPs - See below who is a SDJP

    I'am not against giving money to poor dhobis. But this creates a social issue and the dhobi sees the common man as a useless guys because he gets more money than the market rate from JPs

    who is a Super dooper JP ?
    (Super dooper JPs are elite class of JPs who won't talk anything not only to the vendor but to anybody. whatever vendor says he will pay. SD JPs cannot be seen on roads during daytime and we cannot find out what language they speak as they never speak. and they don't know a bit on what is going on in their surroundings)

    Mostly JPs are males, rarely i see a female JPs. Female JPs behave normal.

    there are few exceptional jps who are extremely good and behave normal. but this percentage is less that 5.

  • @zapper

    You can see the first message started by landlord.
    he starts by saying "im NRI ,planning to return to India in 3 years" . I feel it is irrelevant to state this and this shows he is a elite class belonging to SDJP and this will be exploited by the builders and promoters which we do not want.

    Just because Mr. Ambani has a profit of 5 Billion US dollars, he does not give 1lakh per month as salary to the gardener in his company, the gardener's salary is driven by market and not by the profit Mr. Ambani gets.

    Similarly the price of a commodity should be driven by market and not by the person who buys it . The buyer can be a NRI from USA or a PIG from River COOVAM, but vendor should set the price on market conditions and charge the NRI and PIG the same.

  • I think we should focus on the topic and divert our attention from how an IT person shops. I agree on Cafe's point on why folks should be careful.

    By the way, IT folks and NRIs do not spend big bucks on RE. 50L nowadays is not a big deal and is way below average for city like Chennai.

    This is my experience, when you talk to sellers (esp resale property) sometimes they do not show the property and they might not discuss the price if you do not look like a potential buyer. You need to dress up sometimes. It is not easy to buy resale units.

    Even if I was in their and if I am marketing a 5cr property, I would definitely not show it to a buyer wearing a lungi and riding a tvs 50.
    If I was a builder, I would not like to sell it to him even if he offers me more money. I would rather sell a unit to a movie star at little bit discount to market the other units of property easily.

    Of course some high end properties are advertised 'Invitation Only', that means they do select who gets to buy in that building. It does not mean they would not sell it to outsiders but they do some work to keep unwanted elements like certain politicians, goondas, etc out.
  • @cafemm2012 - Mind your words. You are one crooked mind. You have no right to call any one a PIG. This is most indecent way of expressing views. You may have your personal grudge on any particular group but that does mean you can talk what ever you want to talk.
    What is wrong when some one points out that he is an NRI? After all he is not looting money from someone. It is his hard earned money and understand that he is made to pay proper tax for that. So he has every right in the world to do what he wants with his money.
    Dont just simply summarize that all software professionals are "junkyards". You may have seen someone who gets away doing nothing and gets paid but dont dream that all just sit idle and shake their legs in office. That is applicable in any profession. So just dont conclude that all are waste. There may be few people who are ignorant and silent to open up and talk. But not all.
    These sick minds with prejudice should not be encouraged.

    I apologize with other regular members of the forum for deviating from the topic.