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general doubt

Last updated: February 5 2009
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    Re : general doubt

    Originally posted by ks2071746 View Post
    Dear friend,

    But, Madipakkam is a fast developing area where a lot of people buy flats/ individual houses/duplex houses etc. Also nearer to airport, IT companies?

    Hell yeah!

    But you guys just know the pros of madipakkam.
    Here we go about the cons :-
    Velachery bypass, Vijayanagar bus depot, Velachery Metro, 80 feet road connecting GST road, OMR CONNECTIVITY are the attractions of that area and I think I have written about 'em all in one of my posts.

    2400 sq.ft land was being sold for 55L flat rate until last year.
    These days, AFAIK, the brokers are now willing to make a bargain, but not so huge as 20% or more. depends on how serious the buyer is... and there are plenty of lands around.

    I visited the place thrice during the end-november and start-december weeks just to see how the area looks like during that heavy rain. And believe me, It was damn ugly and I will never buy a land in that area even if they sell it for 30L per ground.
    Just google 'madipakkam ram nagar flood' and check out the first blog result - It showcases a rainy day with beautiful pictures.
    Not all areas in Madipakkam is bad, but most of them are.
    If it is Ram Nagar South, sorry I can't comment it, you need 24X7 room freshners, repellents and dust blockers to avoid the garbage burning smell and associated dusts and diseases of course.

    Check out sulekha and 99acres for the current prices in that area.
    FYI, I started my land search and finally zeroed in to Madipakkam last year before I wrote the first post here (pre-rainy season decision )
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      Re : general doubt

      Originally posted by gone_mad View Post
      rather than spending on tons of softners (yes) one could spend less money on tanker water.
      Dear friend,

      This is what most people normally do. Please remember, there were days, a few years back when one could see hundreds of water tankers entering Chennai from all directions when the lakes went almost dry and the wells also lost the water levels. I still get reminded of the traffic jams in Tambaram entry with hundreds of water tankers queuing up at the check point. The rain God and Andhra Govt. ( Krishna water ) have been kind enough to help Chennai with rain/water.



      Have any questions or thoughts about this?