What is the current rate in the above areas for new/old flats ?

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  • Originally Posted by Natarajg007
    Gocca, u r posting the same stuff over and over again. What do u gain?

    And what is that you are doing in the forum posting on all threads that mention prices are crashing. He has the same right to inform people just like you do. Don't tell me your intentions alone are noble and Gocca's isn't.
  • Originally Posted by GoccaMacca
    BANGALORE: Will India’s realty giant DLF lead a wave of residential price correction in Bangalore’s upscale apartment market? The company, which
    virtually single-handedly created Gurgaon, has slashed its rates for an upcoming project in Bangalore’s Bannerghatta Road by a whopping 32%. In a move that surprised many, the rates have been cut to
    Rs 1,850 per sq ft, a price last quoted in 2000.

    I've read about this as well. Can someone comment on how true this is? I am not just referring to the fact that DLF brought price down to 1850. I also am referring to the fact that is this really the price level that was present back in 2000? I find this claim hard to believe though.
  • Originally Posted by Nataraajg007
    Soory, I lost my other pass word. I will come soon

    Dude, while I too am opposed to NatarajG (the real one) and his viewpoints in every way, I still think it's a bit weak to come in as a duplicate ID. Lets keep the fight fair. Come in and post under your own ID. As you might have noticed, most of the board is already against NatarajG, so you don't really need these tactics to tackle him.

    No offence, pal. But lets be men about this.