For months on end I am noticing the bear talking. However regularly even those bears come to this forum and cry "price is not falling......... but it will fall.. it will have to fall". So they agree they have been wrong the whole of last 8 months with their bear cry but believe they will become right suddenly.
Those of you who are imagining property prices will fall might be woken up by hard news. For one, in bangalore prices are slowly inching up. In Chennai it never fell.
In most places shady guys like DLF with as much penchant for book keeping as Satyam are being pushed down by the stock market, but that is not because their land banks have become cheaper. It is because their books show non existing land banks.
Sooner or later RE will start shooting up and the imaginary correction and even worse the imagined fall of 70% by some will turn into a disaster for these bears with a rise of 100% in the next year or two.
Even stock market is at such lows that investors with sense are returning. SO if you are prudent, buy when it is supposedly falling and sell when it is supposedly rising. LEssons of 2003 when it suddenly started up after the dotcom drop should be used by investors, not listening to funny bear voices on this board.
Forget the hallucinating bears. THey belong to the land of the lotus eaters.
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