The peak time for Chennai Real estate in chennai is over.

If chennai RE is at peak anyone can sell their property in no time.
In 2007 everyone was running after land. It was like getting 'sundal' at vinayagar temple.
Banks also gave loan like giving 'sundal' at temples. Now banks are not able to get back the loan amount.
They dont know for sure the amount of non performing loans.
Banks are in denial mode in giving loans. Not only that. people also are not in loan buying mood.
They have lost their confidence about repaying the loans.
Those who have accumulated black money dont want to invest in 'non performing' properties.
Because of various reasons like these, peak time for Real estate in chennai is over.

Everywhere owners are telling rate at their will. Its like telling "Ayiram... rendayiram... naalayiram....".
Those who realised the facts are gradually reducing the price. But in most of the cases, plots are lying unsold.

If one is willing to sell a plot, and if there are many buyers we can say there is demand.
If there is demand from many sides, there will be price escalation.
But no demand... No increment in price. But rebate sale has started without buyers.

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