Hi Friends,

I had been to the FAIRPRO '09 Fair.My Impression after seeing, is that prices are stagnating for all ongoing projects and builders are trying hard to hold them up.

Prices are 10-20% lower for new projects in the pipeline and for ready to occupy flats.

The discount offered at the stall was very less and were in the range 150-500 Rs/sqft max.

For the benefit of fellow members I am posting the project/price details of some of the properties.

Akshaya Foundations

Adora - OMR - 3750/sqft
Aikya - Adyar - 12500/sqft

Alliance Group - Orchid Springs - 3199/sqft

Arihant Foundations

Heirloom - Thalumbur - 2499/sqft
Escapade - Thoraipakkam - 4150/sqft
Villa Viviana - Maramalai nagar - starting from 1 Crore

Asvini Foundations

Amarisa-phase1 - Ramapuram - 4500/sqft
Amarisa-phase2 - Ramapuram - 4250/sqft
Akshita - Madipakkam - 3800/sqft

Casa Grande

Riveira - Palikkarnai - 3450/sqft - before discount 3600/sqft
Silver Oak - Perungudi - 4300/sqft - before discount 4500/sqft
Madhuban - Madipakkam - 3300 /sqft - before discount 3500/sqft
Mylapore - R.K.salai - 12500/sqft
Ponmar -785/sqft - before discount 825/sqft
Maraimalainagar - 790/sqft - before discount 825/sqft

CeeDeeyes - Chenni Pattinam

Basic Rate - 1600/sqft All Inclusive - 2075/sqft

Chaitanya shanthiniketan

Sunnyvale - Ayanavaram - 4850/sqft
Serena - Rajkilpakkam - 2550/sqft
Gardenia - OMR - 1900/sqft
Green Park - Chitlapakkam - 3300/sqft


Gardencity - 3200/sqft - was told slash in prices expected in coming weeks.

Doshi Housing

Etopia I and II - Perungudi - 3895/sqft
Nakshatra - Tambaram - 2995/sqft - Completion May 2010
Tranquil - Velachery - 5500/sqft - Completion February 2010
Trinity park - Santhoshpuram,Vengaivasal - 3195/sqft - Completion April 2009
Serene Couny-Villas - Santhoshpuram,Vengaivasal - 2200,2600/sqft
LlanStephan - Chetpet - 9000/sqft - Completion May 2009
Sri Mahalakshmi - Ayanavaram - 4495/sqft - Ready to Occupy


Rosedale - OMR - 3100/sqft
Le Chalet - Villas - Sriperambudhur - 26 Lakhs - 37 Lakhs

Hiranandani Upscale - 4200/sqft

Hiranandani Palace Gardens - 3475/sqft

Indus Housing

anantya - Navalur,OMR - 2299/sqft + 400(other charges)
riviera villa - Navalur,OMR - 90 Lakhs onwards
habittera - urapakkam,GST - 2399/sqft + 400(other charges)
amber - Saidapet - 4750/sqft

Jain Housing

Ankush Prakas - Kilpauk - 7500/sqft - Ready to occupy
Amrit Kailash - Strahns Road - 4500/sqft - Ready to occupy
La Gardenia - Nungabakkam - 7500/sqft - Ready to occupy
Ansruta - Valluvarkottam, nungabakkam - 10000/sqft - Ready to occupy
Antariska - Kodambakkam - 4500/sqft - Ready to occupy
Eiffel Garden - Vadapalani - 4250/sqft - Ready to occupy
Saagarika - M.R.C Nagar, sea facing - 10000/12500 - Ready to occupy
Green acres - Pallavaram - 3900/sqft - Ready to occupy
Abhishek - Selaiyur - 3500/sqft - Ready to occupy.


Orchid - Palikkarnai - 3500/sqft
Palazzo - keelkattalai - 3700/sqft
Grandeur - Velappanchavadi(near saveetha dental college) - 3200/sqft


3 Projects on L.B.Road, Thiruvanmiyur - 6650/sqft
Delmare - Beach road,Thiruvanmiyur - 7000/sqft
Carolina - Velachery,Taramani - 4500/sqft
Swathi - Sastri Nagar,Adyar - 8500/sqft
Kalakshetra - 8000/sqft

Landmark Constructions

Tiara - Perungudi - 4000/sqft - Completion on August 2009
Aston Ville - Vadapalani - 5500 sqft - Completion on July 2009
Tudors Place - K.K.Nagar - 6500/sqft
The Address - Adyar - 11500/sqft
The Grange - Palavakkam - 7500/sqft
Cenralia - Chrompet - 2950/sqft - prelaunch
Gem Towers - AnnaNagar - To be launched.
Mahalakshmi Heights - Ashok Nagar - To be launched

L&T Estancia
Construction in Progress
1st-3rd Floor - 3950/sqft
4th -12 floor - floor rise charge of 20/sqft for each floor
13th - 17th - 4450/qft

L&T Eden Park - 3600/sqft

Mantri Synergy - OMR
2800/sqft - with 20/floor rise
Special offer - First Floor - all inclusive
1140 sqft - 33,67,000
870 sqft - 28,50,000

Navin Housing

Dayton Heights - Nelson Manickam road - 6500/sqft + 30/sqft floor rise from 2nd floor
Subha Mangala - Ramapuram - 4200/sqft
Brookfield - Nanmangalam - 3500/sqft
Merrylands - Medavakkam - 3500/sqft

Olympia Opaline - 3441/sqft - spl budget flats available

PACE Builders

Anna nagar west - 4195/sqft - before discount 4495/sqft
Selaiyur - 3195/sqft - before discount 3495/sqft
Valasarvakkam - 2795/sqft - before discount 3295/sqft

PS Srijan

The Grand - Velachery - 5250 sqft - before discount 5500/sqft - Floor Rise applicable from 4th floor


Harmony - Medavakkam - 3100/sqft

Rajarathnam Constructions

RC Prince Gardenia - Perambur redhill road,Kolathur - 3600/sqft


Independant houses - Ayyapathangal - 2600/sqft

Real Value

Sai Skanda - Velachery - 4200/sqft
Sai Surya - Palikaranai - 3800/sqft
OMR opp SIPCOT - 13.20 Lakhs onwards

Shriram Properties

Trishakti - SIPCOT - 2750/sqft
Shankari - 1990/sqft

Sidharth foundations

Tulip - k.k.nagar west - 4800/sqft - completion march 2009
Natura - medavakkam - 3100 /sqft - completion july 2009
Visvaleela - Annanagar - 8500 /sqft - to be launched
Dakshin - Urapakkam - price TBD - to be launched
upcoming projects in porur, thoraipakkam, rajkeelpakkam, mogappair.


Safaa - Urappakam - 3150/sqft


Crescent - Kelambakkam - Vandalur Road - 2500/sqft
Upcoming 2 villa project one in OMR and one in Sriperambathur.

Sumanth & Co

Thiruvanmiyur - 6000/sqft
Besant Nagar - 11500/sqft


Lumbini square - Pursaiwalkam - 5500/sqft + 30/sqft floor rise from 5th floor
Ouranya Bay(Premium) - OMR,Padur - 3100,3200 + 25/sqft floor rise from 5th floor
Ouranya Bay(Budget) - 2bhk - 20 Lakhs
3bhk - 30 Lakhs
Ekanta - Coimbatore - 3100/sqft
Revata - Mogappair east - 4500/sqft
Kamya - K.K,Nagar - 7000/sqft
Metro Golden Nest - Sriperambathur - 1bhk - 15 Lakhs
2bhk - 22 Lakhs
3bhk - 28 Lakhs

VGN Group

Minerva - Mogappair,Nolumbur - 2975/sqft
3 in 1, 4 in 1 - 3800/sqft
Mahalakshmi Nagar,Thiruverkadu - 3500/sqft
Mugalivakkam - 52 Lakhs/grnd
Selaiyur - 50 Lakhs/grnd
SPKoil - 34 Lakhs/grnd
Katankulathur - 22-27 Lakhs/grnd

Yuga Homes

Shem Park - chemmenachery - 3300/sqft
Upcoming in Koyambedu, R.A.Puram(8000/sqft)

There are lots of properties and also lots of potential buyers.There is sure a sense of uncertainity among the builders and also the buyers on when to make the next move.It was evident that correction in RE prices have started to happen.

Requesting members to respond with their thoughts on the current trend.
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  • Dear friends,

    I am looking for 2BHK flat or villa in Chennai. Looking around the skirts of Chennai. I am not very sure about the areas in Chennai. Would like to hear from you all for the suggestions for the area and the good area to invest. And most importantly like to hear about the things to look out for especially about the developers.

    Share your experiences here and will everyone can help each other in a way

  • Originally Posted by shanmurthi
    Dear friends,

    I am looking for 2BHK flat or villa in Chennai. Looking around the skirts of Chennai. I am not very sure about the areas in Chennai. Would like to hear from you all for the suggestions for the area and the good area to invest. And most importantly like to hear about the things to look out for especially about the developers.

    Share your experiences here and will everyone can help each other in a way


    HARRINGTON ROAD NUNGAMBAKKAM , PANTHEON ROAD EGMORE AND CATHEDRAL ROAD are few placed you can shortlist. But mostly these areas have 3-4 BHK flats and indepenant bungalows. Anyway please try your luck!
  • Originally Posted by RE King
    Surprisingly I am noticing a pickup in demand for land after the rains. Strange but true, but I want to know if I am missing something. People having seen the flood try to buy land in certain places like Urapakkam West side stating that it was flooded and asking for a lower price. Why will someone want a bad land....answer is.... the flood emanated from Urapakkam east crossed GST road and went west and was caused by man made damage to some lake as I understand. So why not try to fool someone and get a good land at a low price talking flood...This was story in Dec end. Then in Jan the demand actually increases and there are buyers giving price actually a little better than I could get in say Sep 2015 in Urapakkam west. Ofcourse folks in East side state as if West is low lying, though I dont know how true or false it is.

    This is not in Urapakkam alone, it is true in Thiruvanmiyur, Pallikaranai, Neelangarai and multiple places. Why? That is my question. One story is related to election. Can someone throw light!

    Situation is very mixed. Demand has increased in areas where flooding did not affect much. In such areas, prices are higher than before. Prices have fallen in areas that were badly affected by floods. It is possible, those who can afford are trying to sell; hence, too many properties for sale are driving prices lower. Sometimes even within one area, some streets are fetching higher price while other streets are getting lower price. For both sellers and buyers, maybe it is good to wait until summer for prices to stabilize.

    Country's largest lender State Bank of India today re-introduced the so-called 'teaser' home loan scheme after five years.
    The new offering, "FlexiPay Home Loan" for young working professionals will give option to borrower to pay only interest during three-five year moratorium period. The customer, thereafter, will pay moderated Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs).
    The EMIs will be stepped-up during the subsequent years, capturing payment of principal component. This arrangement is expected to lower the impact of such additional loan amount on monthly repayments in the form of EMIs.
    It will enable young working professionals / executives to get higher loan amount compared to their loan eligibility under normal Home Loan schemes. The additional loan amount will help such professionals in acquiring better and spacious living spaces for themselves and their families, taking into account their future needs, SBI said in statement.
    Way back in closing month of 2008, SBI, with O P Bhatt at helm of as chairman, had floated teaser home loan scheme to push demand for housing stock and avert any adverse effect of global financial crisis on India.
    SBI withdrew scheme from May 2011 after strong missives from banking regulator Reserve Bank of India. Under the teaser home loan scheme then, SBI was offering lower interest rate of 8-8.5% for the first three years.
    Bhatt got into trouble with regulator for defending scheme which it (RBI) apprehended might become a burden for borrower when rates begin to rise after the initial 2-3 years and may increase the default rate.
    SBI, in its defence, has maintained that banks always assessed repayment capacity before sanctioning home loan and has never compromised regulatory norms. Borrowers are aware of scheme features and nothing is hidden from them
    Jayanthi Lakshmi, Chief General Manager (Real Estate, Habitat & Housing Development) SBI said the loans under the new scheme works are given on floating rate basis from the start. The experience shows that salaries earned by professionals rise over period, improving repayment capacity.
    SBI's home loan book has grown by about 17% till date. The outstanding portfolio at end of September 2015 stood at Rs 1, 70,899 crore.
    SBI brings back 'teaser' home loan scheme | Business Standard News
  • Pozhichalur, Chennai : Ongoing Price for Plots

    Anyone have any idea how much one ground plot costs in Pozhichalur ?.
  • CommentQuote

    Central: Boat Club, Poes Garden, Venus Colony, and Kasturi Rangan Road
    Off Central-I: R.A. Puram, Abhiramapuram, Alwarpet and Adyar
    Off Central-II: T.Nagar and Mylapore
    Suburban (North): Madhavaram, Moolakadai, Perambur, Kolathur, Tondiarpet, Korukkupet, Tiruvottiyur, Periyar Nagar and Thiruvika Nagar
    Suburban (South): Alandur, Ekkatuthangal, Adambakkam, Nanganallur, Medavakkam, Perumbakkam, Pallavaram, 200 ft. Road, VandalurKelambakkam
    Rajiv Gandhi Salai-1: Till Sholinganallur
    Rajiv Gandhi Salai-II: After Sholinganallur

    They show pretty much all areas as flat. Velachery and OMR are shown as bearish.

    I think the market has slowed down, though the supply is reduced with few new launches.
    Prices prob got hit, we might not know until another one or two quarters.
  • I see a promo that Amarprakash is offering 50% discount on ready to occupy homes? is that true?
  • Any update on recent fairpro?
  • Being the thread starts with 2009 fairpro price and 2009 to 2015 is not an anamoly welcome users to analyse share thoughts basis of which area/locality/project given roi more. It can be a eye opener for 2020 roi forecast too.
  • Originally Posted by RajeshVasant
    I see a promo that Amarprakash is offering 50% discount on ready to occupy homes? is that true?

    It is upto 50%, They are giving 0.5lt mineral water bottle along with the Pamphlets in the Navalur toll :).
  • I also keep getting SMS from them about the flash sale. Hope it is not a gimmick
  • wow thanks , its a big information, you done a good job
  • Can U Update the Current Price Information...?
  • Hiring activity rose by 43 per cent during the month of March 2016. Naukri Job Speak Index for the month of March was 1,932 as compared to 1,354 in March 2015.
    Among the key sectors of the city, Automobile posted a growth of 19 per cent while Insurance recorded an impressive growth of 49 per cent during the same period. Real Estate too, witnessed a growth of 15 per cent in the March 2016 index.
    V Suresh, chief sales officer, Naukri.com, said that the city of Chennai has witnessed an impressive growth in hiring activity in March 2016 over March 2015. Increased hiring activity is seen in sectors such as Insurance, Auto and IT-Software.
    "Looks like good times are ahead for jobseekers in the city."
    Sectors such as IT-Software and Insurance witnessed a growth of 29 per cent and 49 per cent respectively.
    Among the leading sectors of the city, Automobiles witnessed an increase of 19 per cent and Real Estate saw a growth of 15 per cent in the March 2016 index.
    Demand for IT-Software professionals witnessed an increase of 25 per cent, Sales and Business Development professionals also saw their jobs going up 17 per cent. Accounts and ITES professionals also witnessed growth in hiring activity by 26 per cent and 48 per cent respectively in the March 2016 index.