Does anyone know about Shankar Nagar in Pammal. How is the area and neighbourhood? A seller quoted 38L for 2400sqft. Does the place go for that rate. Please advise.
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  • Shankar Nagar!

    Would like to know prevailing rate in shankar nagar and heard it varies from 35-55L not sure based on what is this ? please shed your thoughts on which cross appx what rate
  • Any contact points ?

    I came across brokers to buy at this place and not convinced with them. Though its sounds not that great, I would like to get some brokers contact in this area, if possible from people who have already bought in this place.
  • i know a plot of 15 gnds,single piece,adj to shanker nagar at the end of the 60' gandhi is on a 24' road.

    the price quoted per gnd is 22L totaling 3.2c

    I would buy it if i had the money.

    any one intrstd PM me.

    ppl can join and buy this it is a great invst (my 2 cents)
  • Help on rate!

    Looking for a plot in and around pammal/pallavaram. Would like to know the running rate in these location. Please let me know the same and if any contacts please do let me know.
  • Hello Experts

    What is the realistic current market price for a 2400 sqft land in Shankar Nagar, Pammal. Some people quote 1 Crore. I don't think that's the real price for 1 ground.

    Please provide your inputs.
  • In Pammal the price is normal. Even kundrathur (Manikandan nagar) 1 ground price is around 70L to 80L.