I have decided to avoid getting into UNWANTED discussions with folks who any way wont reform. So let me discuss the mathematics of Chennai realestate in a new Thread.
An hour ago, I called a Builder in Saligramam asking for the price of his flat. He quoted 5600 psft. I asked him about UDS and FSI and road width. He was building a clean property on 2 grounds, 8 flats with stilt and road width was 30ft. He was using an FSI of 1.67 which is perfectly understandeable.
Then I asked him " what is the price of land here ?"
Builder: 1.5crores to 1.25crores.
I: So I can offer you land there in a much better place than you are building.
Builder: I cant buy outright now sir, but 50:50 is ok.
I: How is 50:50 fine? For 3200sqft that I have you can build minimum 5000sqft even though I know you will build 5400sqft at 1.67. So what is your cost of construction?
B: 1500psft.
(Now this price is terribly high but I was ready to let him go with the price?)
I: So how can it be 50:50? You need only 75L to build 5000sqft?
B: See if I give you 2 flats worth 2500sqft you can yet get at 5600psft.
I: That is just 1.4cr for 3200sqft.
B: I can maybe give you another 10L or so.
I told him that even if I turned a builder and sold one flat I would have built the entire 4 flats but he was telling WITHOUT ANY MATHEMATICAL BACKING that he will need 1.5 flats. Then he said well I cant sell 1250sqft flat to which I said you can make 6 flats with new rules.
This went on till I said "get lost" or rather a "bye" and left him.
Now let us see the mathematics.
If I can get 5600 psft for 1 flat then cost of 1250sqft of flat is 70L. Let us assume I throw one 5L more and I will have the property ready even if I use this builder's rate of 1500psft. That rate is ridiculous and includes profits. In today's "builder in trouble" market, you can find a good contractor to build you at 1200psft.
Now if one flat sold at 70L then 4 flats cost 240L, so the builder should give you 240-75(his construction cost even at 1500psft)=175L.
He is throwing in 2 flats at 140L and maybe another 10L. So you might think it prudent to lose the 25L and take it.
However what guarantee do you have that you will get your money? Secondly in joint venture, your money is not in your hand. So if I got 150L outright now, in 2 years that will be worth 180L at 10% interest rate.
In other words, builders in Chennai are super cons! And remember, his investment is ZILCH (Zero).
So if I turned a builder with my own land, I can get the best of construction at 1200psft. Also I used 5000sft, which in reality can move to 5400sft even at 1.67 FSI. Today you can get even more since the third floor can be built after 3 years and if you keep those rights for yourself, then you got that too.
Let me ignore even the 3rd floor. With 5400sqft and price of 5600psft, I will need 5400x1200=64.8L to complete the project. I will find JUST ONE BUYER and charge him 5600psft, which means 5600x1350sft(since total built up area is 5400sft for 4 flats). I will get this 75.6L. I can use this 75.6-64.8=10.8L as pocket money for any price changes or troubles or legal charges or whatever. Net I get 3 flats all for me. I can sell them at the prevalent price after 2 years or get them booked at current rates and et 75.6x3=227L or 2.27Cr.
Now does it make sense to get 2.27Cr or just 1.5Cr is the question. How many of you earn 75L for 2 years? I bet most of you dont! Again you don’t need to be a fulltime builder. Just employ a good contractor and MANAGE him!
(PS. Hope this helps some folks who wanted to sell their land in Mylapore!)

Incidentally if I reduced the price of flat by even 600 rupees my net gain is 2.27cr-600x5400=1.95cr. So all I need to do is SEARCH for one serious WORTHWHILE (meaning has a safe job) buyer.
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