As I see various threads in this forum, everyone seems to debate if the PRICE is WORTH or not? How do you measure worth? For once let me not give the answer. I will ask all the bears and bulls to come out with worth. For example Nabhishek states that price of land or flat in Chennai is not worth it? He says prices went up from 6L to 60L in the past few years so it is not worth! Now what about salaries that have also gone up 5 to 6 times in similar periods as also development of roads and infrastructure. So a land in Medavakkam was not accessible in 2002, today it is well accesible.
So can anyone define worth. Let me ask the Goofy of a bear, Mr Wisey to explain how to calculate worth. For example why does he feel Mylapore or to be precise RK Salai is worth 2.5Cr per ground while he feels Saligramam is worth peanuts.
Hope those bears who write all sorts of rubbish come up with some LOGICAL or MATHEMATICAL basis for WORTH.
By not answering this, I am sure it will prove that Wisey is just as I always said a paid Liar Writer!
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