I plan to purchase plots in Mahidhara central off Poonamallee. They claim to have sold all normal plots and only have few corner plots which they are selling now.

When I visited the site recently, I could see some developments on twin and row house and they claim to complete the project in next one year without any schools.

Let me know if any of you faced problems in registrations and future prospects on constructing house.

More Details about the Project from the Web:
Mahidhara Central is located at V52, Kondavakkam Village, Sriperumbudur Taluk, Kancheepuram District, West Chennai. IT is nearly 11 kms away from Poonamalle.

    Closed gated community of 120 acres
    Grand Entrance Archways
    Complete compound wall with security
    Stnadard Black top roads(60 ft with centre median and 40 & 30 Ft)
    Footpaths with kerb stone
    Electricity with Street Lighting
    Beautifully Landscaped Parks
    Avenue Plantation
    Water Connection to each and every plot
    Centralised Overhead water tank with Under ground sump
    Exclusive Children Park
    Rain Water Harvesting Pits
    Underground drainage and sewage system
    Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
    RO Plant for drinking water
    Maintenance for three years
    Vastu complaint
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  • Hi, can one you update please on whether you will connect up by pvt msgs or should we meet at the site on a specified date. How do you want to plan and someone take the initiative to plan. Pls revert
  • Hi guys, I feel it is better to get in touch online before we all meet at site. Btw, i have not yet got my patta for my plot. It will be a year in November since i registered the plot. Is that the only document which is still pending from Mahidhara for you as well ? Why is it taking so much time ?
  • Meeting online does not enable us to talk to each other and meet in person. So one of you who is eligible to send pvt messages can enable all of us to connect on and then plan to meet at site. What is needed is one of you to take that initiative if possible. Otherwise don't see a way round as we can circulate our contact detail in the forum publicly.h
  • Hi, Hi Kdmvarun and Riaviswa i am unable to send private message, unfortunately i cant meet you guys in personal, i am in abroad. Kdmvarun they have given me all the documents but patta would take some time, they gave me after 6 months from the registration
    Would be in Chennai on December, then lets fix a date and meet for sure
  • It has been almost a year since i registered my plot, i have not got my patta. They keep saying i will get it soon. I do not know the reason why it is delayed. Anyone knows the actual reason ??
  • Deepakash and Riaviswa, I will visit the site sometime during heavy monsoon just to check on the waterlogging..
    Lets fix a date and meet up in December at Site.
  • Kdmvarun, tell them very clearly that you cannot wait any more and the patty to be issued. They can't dilly-dally. Not sure why there is a delay and if there is any technical reason. Good idea to check during rainy season and I will also plan. Let's synch up as we near Dec month. One of the sat/sun we can plan. Ideally all of plan to meet. Hope all of us can plan for it.
  • Yes lets meet on December 2nd week, do you guys have any idea if they have sold all the plots in Mahidhara central or still some corner plots are available? I would like to see their new launch in Orgadam also, any idea about this
  • Ok hopefully i am in chennai and I will plan. Will ask wife and daughter to accompany me. Last that I have been talking to mahidhara, I understand that the plots are still available. New launch in organ am is all villas I believe mostly more than 1.5cr. May be there are few apartments. It is over heated market there as we'll !!
  • Hi do you guys have any plans to buy plots, so we can plan this December? Can we fix a date to meet in Mahidhara central between 5th till 10th December. Hope to hear from Riaviswa and Kdmvarun
  • current going price

    what is the current plot price at mahidhara central? This area will get developed anytime soon?
  • Deepakash, yes let's meet as per convenience either in nova or dec. more important for us to be able to contact and talk to each other. We will have to be in touch in ways other than this blog or forum as we may not be able to discuss in a common forum. I don't see a way out as none of us seem to have contact with each other otherwise. If private messages are the way out one of you should mail and get contacts.
  • Hi All,

    We've purchased plot no.1 in sector 5 and had a chance to visit the site this week. We haven't yet got the patta , and have been told the delay is due to scarcity of resources in the registration office - they've submitted the relevant documents to concerned authorities. Currently for left over plots, which are available for sale they are quoting Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1099 and no room for negotiations.
    While returning back , after around 15 km's ( we were travelling towards annanaI went there after rains last week , did not see much water logging except near the main road , there was water overflowing on the road where they told that they did not get approval to build bridge. gar) , I saw the ads for MS foundations who were selling plots for Rs. 1250 on launch.
    If there is any group , let me know how to join. ( i'm new to this forum as well).
  • Riaviswa and Kdmvarun, even other Plot owners from Mahidhara central, lets meet on 7th December at 10.00 am in the morning at Spencer plaza, location at landmark entrance or we meet in Mahindra central inside. Let me know, what is convenient for you guys. Hope to hear from you
  • hi

    Originally Posted by deepakash
    Riaviswa and Kdmvarun, even other Plot owners from Mahidhara central, lets meet on 7th December at 10.00 am in the morning at Spencer plaza, location at landmark entrance or we meet in Mahindra central inside. Let me know, what is convenient for you guys. Hope to hear from you

    Will be there at site on the 7th of December. Will confirm by 5th December if it is still on.