10 reasons why RE price will not fall

1.India has a booming job market where there is no layoffs and everyone is getting 100% hike in salaries.

2.Prices are very low and anyone can afford to buy.

3.Huge amount of easy credit is available where banks are ready to give 110% of the property value at very low interest of 1%.

4.Transactions are very transparent and brokers guide buyers to get the best deal and they will not be cheated.

5.Indian politicians are the best in the world and they have created world class infrastructure.

6.Stock market is booming and touching new highs daily.

7.RE gives CAGR of 100% for next 100 years.

8.There is huge shortage of land and no new land available to build houses.

9.RE is very liquid asset and can be sold the next day you like.

10.You get good rental income.(About 10% yearly rental yield).

Just thought of helping bulls with some reasons why RE price will not fall as they are running out of ideas.
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