The bears who have been writing all sorts of sad sob stories are slowly disappearing. Market is not falling, rather consolidating and going up! Think of Rs 4200psft for a silly flat in Siruseri (some 30km from civilization).
Notice Wiseman sulking and disappearing leaving behind just his lovebirds and jalras. Notice a contra trying to talk bull all of a sudden.
Look at Nabhishek expecting a move up even though subtley.

Notice Nifty going up, (though it will fall once more before any clarity emerges), notice people with bank wads wanting to buy before the next upmove which may make the current upmove look like NOTHING. I mean in RE.

Finally you will have a lot of sellers of today wailing next year when they realize that they were bigger fools than those who sold land in 2004 and saw their land appreciate 6 to 10 times by 2008.

Notice inflation in reality whatever the silly government might say. Rice was Rs 19 a kg even an year ago. Now at Rs 40 a kg. It all means that inflation will push up prices. If rice can become double, why not RE? If salaries can go up 5 times between 2003 and 2008 why not RE. All the bear writers on this board whatever funny names they have (one calling himself Wise and never proved even a bit of that!) never managed to prove that market will fall. For that matter it never fell. They will rejoice telling IT WILL FALL and they have typed the same futuristic message for almost an year now and yet it has not fallen, AND IT IS RISING IN POCKETS.
What does it mean? The bear cartel had a vested interest in getting their NRI brethren to buy land cheap! Fools sold their land for a song in 2008 and they will know how foolish they were in an year or two like the sellers of 2004 did in 2006-08. Some wrote bearish because they did not know anything about markets. Now whether a particular person did bear writing for which reason is anyone's guess. So we can pardon WIseman for his ignorance but not for his arrogance. Even after falling he claims that his moustache does not have a grain of sand (kizhe vizhunthalum meesaiyile man ottale). He yet talks bearish after 1 full year of WILL FALL and it is just NOT FALLING. Future tense to Present Continous.

So those of you who were planning to sell, beware. You may be in for a bear trap. And those who want to buy, well as one person said, the prices shoot up suddenly as the builders know it prior to many and if they are jacking up prices they probably have the clue.

In summary it looks like the CONSOLIDATION PHASE OF THE REALESTATE BULL MARKET SEEMS TO BE COMING TO AN END. Now I suspect we are tipping in for the next big upmove and if it does it will make the 2003 to 2008 upmove look really silly. So if you missed a mylapore flat for Rs 1500 a square foot in 2003 and now need to buy at a higher rate even in Siruseri, you might have to think of buying flats in reasonably far away places at Rs 10K to Rs 20K per square foot. So Chennai will be priced like Bombay and if you sold land today, I bet you wont be able to buy that ever again in your life.
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