Is anybody booked Plot in Thaiyur under Adyar Co-operative society.

I have booked a plot in 2007 and there is no positive reply from this society whenever contacted after that.

Similar victims can form a group and take some legal action against this Society.
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  • Adyar Cooperative Building Society - Willing to join in forum


    To whomsoever it may concern (who have invested money in Thaiyur Scheme with Adyar Cooperative Building Society Ltd, Chennai)

    I am also one of the victim by Adyar Cooperative Building Society Ltd., Chennai. I have paid an advance of Rs.5 Lakhs in March 2007 and three full years were lapsed. But, still the Society could not get the approval from the concerned authority. I also feel something fixitious in their transactions. No responsible person is sitting in the Society's Office at Adyar to answer me. When I sought the help of the Registrar of Cooperative Societys, Tamil Nadu, through RTI Act, the Registrar simply forwarded my query to the Joint Registrar, two times so far. But I have not received any single reply from the Joint Registrar. Then, I personally visited the HO situated at Ramanathan Street, T.Nagar, but I could not meet the concerned SO. I was informed that the Joint Registrar's Office is not receiving any documents from the previous SO Mr.Sadhasivam, and hence, no action could be taken or the amount be returned to the investors. I was further told that all the investors can join together, form a forum and lodge a complaint with the Commissioner of Police then only it will be solved.

    So, if anybody forms a Forum I am willing to join to fight with the above Society legally.

    VR Nagoji Rao
  • My dear friend

    Is there any development in forming a group to fight against the Adyar Coop.Society? Have you received any news from others. Pl inform me back. also, pl spend some of your valuable times for this purpose since 3 years is going to be completed after our investment with this Society. Pl take active action soon.
  • Hi,

    I am also one of the member who has paid 20 lakhs in advance and waiting for approval. Please let me know how I can also join the group in expediting the situation.
  • is there any improvement?
  • Hi,
    I had been reading this thread on Thaiyur scheme of adayar coop society, I came to know that the society had recieved DTCP approval. Has anyone got their land registered. Iam interested in the 1800 Sq. ft plot offered by the society in Thaiyur, is it safe now to invest in this scheme, please advise.
  • I have paid 50% for a 1800 plot with Adayar cooperative society way back in 2008. Even, I heared that they have started calling full payment members and started the registration process and in february they would prepare the list of persons who have made 50% or less amount and send invitation to proceed further, hope, it happens!!

    But, before that I done a small verification of their approvals - When I approached the society office, they gave me the redrawn approval layout and also gave me the dtcp apporval no. 06/2011. When I enquiered the same with DTCP chennai anna salai office, they told that the layout has a valid dtcp approval, but it is only a technical approval and conditional one. Further, i approached the society and asked them if they have the given the piece of the land to local panchyat as gift deeds. For that they gave me the two approval numbers - 1286/2011 and 13931/2011 and claimed these are the approval number given by local thiruporur panchayat office for giving piece of layout land as gift to them.

    Can someone tell me how should I verify if the approvals has been given by local panchayat is genuine and the land has actually been given by society to local panchayat as gift for laying roads, parks, schools in the layout? Any help, whatsoever, in this regard is much appreciated. Thanks.
  • Originally Posted by MohanArul
    I had been reading this thread on Thaiyur scheme of adayar coop society, I came to know that the society had recieved DTCP approval. Has anyone got their land registered. Iam interested in the 1800 Sq. ft plot offered by the society in Thaiyur, is it safe now to invest in this scheme, please advise.

    Can anyone buy from this society or it is restricted to only those who had registered with them earlier?

    What is price they are currently selling? and also advise how to approch this society. Like any website or contact persons/numbers.
  • I remember not long ago a gentleman posting telephone numbers of Secretaries of the (same!?) cooperative society if my memory is intact.

    Please go through some of the other threads (3-6 months old) unless you are lucky to have the same gentleman to post the numbers again here.
  • Hi All,

    Hope what I am talking is the correct land location. After passing the Vijayashanthi lotus pond towards Thirupoor in right side there is one road will take you to the land about 3KM you need to drive inside road. Is this the correct one I am talking?. Exactly back side of the Vijayashanthi lotus pond apartments and Fomra collage.

    I am interested in buying the land in Thaiyur.

    Here are the points are not clear to me. Can you please give your thoughts and inputs.

    1. Right now the Adyar co-operative society was given the joint partners to sell these lands by Crescentz Homes & Infrastructure's. We can see lot of advertising is going on.
    2. Still the Adyar co-operative society is selling the plots directly or given all the selling rights to Crescentz Homes & Infrastructure's?

    3. Is there any DTCP approval seal is available in the Land Layout plan? Is this is DTCP APPROVED LAND???????

    4. This land is Thiruporoor Panchayat Approved land or DTCP approved Land?

    5. What about the current price per SQFT?

    6. All the mother documents and other power are clear?

    7. Is there any loan with any back for this land with Adyar co-operative society?

    8. In near feature is there any plan to connect OMR directly via Fomra college?

    9. What all are the documents need to check before buying the land?

    10. Can I get the information contact person / Phone no / Address of Adyar Cooperative Society and Crescentz Homes & Infrastructure's?

    11. How we will know this land is DTCP approved?

    12. Is there any loan available for this land to buy?

    Thanks in advance for all your inputs and suggestions.

  • Hi

    My late father paid a 50% advance in feb 2008 for a plot at thaiyur by adyar cooperative building society and i want a refund of it.Has anybody got a refund from them till now if so please reply thanks.Please let me know their latest address also as they have changed their office.
  • Still people are waiting for refunds and the adyar cooperative society is still dodging them...thick skinned blood suckers and no action is being taken on these guys....only god has to punish these people and their masters who are eating into other people's hard earned money...