would like to enlist help of members in understanding the Approved Vs unapproved lands in Chennai.

I notice that all along ECR, there are just a very few layouts that are actually CMDA/DTCP approved and all else is called unapproved. While those within 500m will not get any approvals, I do not understand why the lands beyond 500m also are not getting approvals. I hear that CMDA has stopped giving approvals after 2002. Is that true. I am aware that there is a lot of activity going on even now in selling/buying either approved or unapproved.

Summing up, my questions are as follows -

(i) What does it take to get approval of land that is beyond 500m from sea.
Is CMDA giving approvals now and if so how much does it cost and how long.

(ii) There are many houses being constructed less than 500m from sea. While no bank is willing to finance these with loans, do I get these lands registered and do I pay house tax? What is the precise difference between unapproved within 500m and approved beyond if both go thro the "registration process" "house tax" etc.

Thanks in advance,
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  • Find the answer from Karunanidhi or his DMK guys. THey can change rules. However what you said is correct. There are just no approved lands around ECR. Explains why I will charge a fortune for my land in ECR in Kandaswamy nagar which is one of those approved layouts.