In the next 5 years, Chennai will grow so rapidly that even those who sold in 2004 who feel deceived now, will not be as upset as those who sell now. In other words if RE moved up between 2004 and 2008 5 to 10 times then by 2013 it will move up so much that the bear cartel here will be active again in 2013 expecting a fall to a value 2 times higher than 2008 prices.
What with DMK back in Chennai, Cong in saddle firmly, market to gap up today by 400 Nifty points. What happened this election was least expected by many. However if you yet talk bear talk on this board then u must be senile.
Those who laughed at my prices in Urapakkam of 50L in Urapakkam will bite dust. Now I will wait for Rs 2Cr per ground in Urapakkam.
In Saligramam I was heckled by bears for Rs 2Cr per ground. Here I expect 5cr and even above in the next 4 years.
In other words if you are expecting a fall, u will have to just live in the Land of Lotus eaters.
ENJOY THE SUPER DUPER BULL RUN. If you have land it will shoot up to a level u cant imagine. If you have flat even that will shoot up 2 to 4 times in next 4 years. Welcome to super inflation, super cost and difficult times ahead.
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  • Originally Posted by Natarajg007
    Raghav, They can be like you CONFUSED and neither bull nor bear! Gotcha!
    On the serious side. THere aint no bulls or bears if I state in American. For example I am bullish on RE and am an Investor there. On Stocks I trade. I go long, I go short. I am basically bearish on the approach of Indians and Indian govt in general. Finally I know what I am doing. If someone knows that then there is no issue. For example you are in this forum making serious statements but need others to find out HEIGHT OF BUILDING as permitted in Chennai.
    Learn to use Google. Dont waste your time on Sharks! LOL!

    do you remember my post somewhere else where i called you a juvenile? are you trying to fit in, uncle? why use "gotcha" and "LOL"?
  • Originally Posted by Raghavan.aiyangar
    Nats, whatever education you boast you have and whatever college you boast you studied, it all proves to be a pure lie, the moment one looks at your language!
    Please take care and possibly visit a psyciatrist as the summer is hot and this kind of reaction is expected from you!

    What does one call an Ass? An ass only!
    Calling a spade a spade shows better education, not some dropout thinking!
  • Originally Posted by Freenivas Reddy
    do you remember my post somewhere else where i called you a juvenile? are you trying to fit in, uncle? why use "gotcha" and "LOL"?

    So u r one of those pseudo ids of Wiseman, trying to PAIN me, in the hope I will disappear? Well I notice the bears dont even have an iota to talk nowadays.
    High time American thinking fellas create a new forum, AMERICAN CHENNAI and write their dream views there.
    BTW, Freenivas seems to be a Wish of a Sreenivas who is tied by familial shackles. Wake up buddy. I aint sure if you really exist, whether juvenile, adult, uncle, grandpa or just that u r wiseys another figment of imagination.