I am a NRI and I am wish to buy property in East Annanagar near the Chintamani area. What is the current cost of one ground in this area?
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  • Originally Posted by strongsville
    This is the same thing i am asking the mod/admin of this forum.
    So many members said so many bad things about you. But you are still roaming in this forum, why nuts?

    Hello Mod/Admin, why do you still have this theru naai roaming in this forum?? Most members of this forum are asking the same thing again and again?

    Filthy mouthed as a whole giving all sorts of crap. Who needs your crap you crook?

    THe problem is when I state a proverb you are abusing. In other words your guilt is being shown profusely. Let the mod ban me, I will be blessed. However if he wants sanity he will ban you and Lovebird. Let us see.
    BTW, if you really get me banned Strong, I will be honestly thankful to you. Please do the needful.
  • Originally Posted by strongsville
    I never said you are a coward. YOU ARE NOT A COWARD BUT

    a shameless/arrogant/filthy as a hole.

    Is this abuse or very healthy language?
  • Actually the problem is not with Strong or Lovebird. It is with Wiseman. He uses these two ids to abuse me and then tries to get away with his worthless views on RE. I think he cant survive without such ids, since he has no matter in his head but will like to keep stating his bear views.
    I think Wiseman needs to mature and learn to argue on his own instead of using abusive dup ids like strong or lovebird.