Many of us have forgotten the corelation bet powercut and realestate.

Tamilnadu has been witnessing severe powercut for the past two years.
This maybe the reason for the recession like situation despite the fact that real and the major recession is over.

The rise in the value is due to raise in cost of manpower and raw materials. But the demand is not going to be very great unless and until power situation improves
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  • powercut could be to make people understand kudankulam is needed very much!
  • If anything, power cut should only force prices to come down in suburbs. I've heard suburbs like Urapakkam have 5-7hrs power cut(just hearsay) while city will have 1 or 2hrs at most per day. But reality seems to be different. Suburbs are still heavily priced based on hyped speculative growth.
  • Good Point raised here. My thoughts are these:

    1. Powercut is more in other cities compared to Chennai. And within Chennai, it is not there in core city, and newly added areas to corporation, whereas exurbs such as Oragadam or Thirupporur are as bad as rural areas power cut.

    Therefore, i feel that there is a case for RE in Chennai to appreciate more relative to other cities in TamilNadu.

    2. Frequent powercuts make the case of multistoreyed apartments worse relative to so called independent (G+1) houses. Not that people in multistoryed apartments are going to stop their lives because of powercuts, there is a DGset in every such apartment but with rising diesel prices, the maintenance costs of these apartments is going to go up further. Independent houses with good water options (ground water/well water or good metrowater ) will score through very low maintenance costs

    Having said that I personally feel that power situation would improve in TN during second half of next year. A lot of power projects will come online in next 12-24 months. Even now, if we did not have this Koodankulam agitiation, we would not be in this bad situation
  • In Bangalore power situation is far better and atleast in my location no power cuts, very rare. Since I have never lived in Chennai, and only recently started to explore for possible shifting / investing purposes assumed infra like wide roads, power would be far better as frequently heard from Chennai friends & relatives boasting themselves.

    But believe me, Bangalore (except the bad traffic) is years ahead of Chennai. The malls & multiplexes coming up all over even in new suburbs, new flyovers added almost every month, outer ring roads, NICE road, all round development and even the size of Greater Bangalore region now should be 3 times the size of Chennai (including new corporation areas). Inspite of unstable state governments (new CM every new year) Bangalore is the best city in South India period. Indiranagar, Cantonment area, Old madras road are my favorite places. Even Koramangala, HSR layout and Electronics city are good. Would completely avoid Bannergetta road, BTM layout due to heavy traffic.
  • Originally Posted by trk2012
    In Bangalore power situation is far better and atleast in my location no power cuts, very rare. Since I have never lived in Chennai, and only recently started to explore for possible shifting / investing purposes assumed infra like wide roads, power would be far better as frequently heard from Chennai friends & relatives boasting themselves.

    Not really! Bangalore is high on sales of Inverters and generators :)

    I lived in Jayanagar/ kasturi nagar which is one of the posh areas near OMR and we didnt have power most of the times and low voltage due to which had severe issues with fridge and other power appliances. When we spoke to the AE of BESCOM of Banaswadi area, she said power in bangalore is bought from some where near Chattisgarh and other places and there is a huge deficiency in power supply. As per her Bangalore has a huge power crisis when compared to chennai.

    Keeping few pockets in areas like BTM, Bank colonies in Jayanagar, Indra Nagar, Old Airport Road , Bannerghata aside, all other areas experience sever shortage of water and electricity !

    Its practically unlivable without Inverters.

    But ya Bangalore obvioulsy is much greener altho ORR is fast losing its greens! The huge no of apartments coming up on ORR have worser water shortage issues compared to OMR! This is reflected by some of my friends who moved from ORR to OMR some years back!

    Bangalore's typical life style, atleast on ORR, take a car, visit on the the malls , do shopping, then visit the Innovative multiplex, watch movie, come back to some hotel on ORR have dinner and then go home ! For people who like this lifestyle would like this part of Blore!
  • On comparing Bangalore and Chennai w.r.t Power situation - Don't forget that a 1 hour powercut in Chennai is felt more severely than a 3 hour powercut in Bangalore - because of the weather . In Bangalore, one can live even without fan for most months, but in Chennai, this is not the case.

    TN/Chennai is blessed with more power plants (both existing and planned) comp to Karnataka/Blore still our power demand is far more (due to industries of all kinds) so we are faced with this bad situation !!
  • Its not about the feeling/weather, but the no of hours of powercut. To say that there is not much in Bangalore when compared to Chennai is not right, since I have experienced it! A Blore consumer experiencing powercut is not going to think, "Oh its ok, since its hotter in Chennai" :)

    Also remember the Domestic Elec. Chgs. are much higher in Blore inspite of the recent hike in TN!

    One place is going to be blessed with something.. As Bangalore is blessed with weather (which is getting hotter by the month) Chennai is blessed with power plants simple!

    Keep in mind, Chennai vs Bangalore weather is a different discussion! Its like saying ooty can afford only 4 hrs of current supply a day :)
  • People feel more irritated when they are not able to watch TV during day time or not able to sleep during night time or not able to cook/study during early morning. These things have nothing to do with weather.
  • There is no impact of power cut at all in Cbe since there is no power for most of the day and Night for last one year . People got adjusted with Weather,Invertors,Genset .

    In chennai, it is for one hour in most city parts and manageable with Genset,inverters
  • 8-10 hrs power cut is there in all areas beyond Sholinganallur, Tambaram and Poonamalee.
  • The power situation definitely has an impact in RE in chennai and suburbs. In north chennai upto Pattabiram it is within city limit and powercut is only for 1 hr a day. Just beyond the ORR is Nemilichery and the power cut ranges from 10-12 hrs. per day. It would definitely impact the small industries and shops in that area and people would prefer to rent houses within the city limit!
  • GSrinivas is telling right. Maybe Friends from CBE and BLR would take Chennai's 1 hour powercut as granted, but let me tell as a lifelong resident of this city that if Chennai has 6-8 hours power cut in Summer time, the city will simply be unlive-able. Such is the miserable nature of Chennai Climate . It is the plain truth.

    And yes, I do feel that if current power situation continues, the rentals in suburbs where power cut is lesser duration, will come down sharply. Not good news for those who invested in high end multistorey apartments in Padur and Guduvanchery/Oragadam !!