Any opinion about projects by Amarprakash especially Temple Wave? I am going for a site visit today. They are quoting 36 lakhs all inclusive for a 950 SQFT flat. I am seeing mixed reviews in web.

Details below

The project "Temple Waves" by Amarprakash is located at Thirumudivakkam, Chennai. A total of about 2356 residential units is planned to be constructed in Stilt + 7 floors.

The units are available in 650 to 950 SQFT size. The total rate will be around 18 Lakhs onward (for first 100 bookings) (Lakhs of Rupees)**.

There are no known Online Communities (Groups/Portals) for Owners of Amarprakash Temple Waves.

This Map of Amarprakash Temple Waves shows the location of the project.

Other details :
Coming up on around 18.5 acres of land, with 70% vast open spaces, Amarprakash Temple Waves will offer the following amenities :
* Multipurpose Hall
* Mini Theatre
* Health Spa
* Jogging Track
* Garde Area
* Volley Ball
* Basket Ball
* Badminton
* Cricket Nets
* Water Fountain
* Laundromat
* Garbage Chute
* Piped Gas
* Power back-up
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  • 2356 flats is a large population. To sell will be difficult like Chennai Pattinam, which is also 2000 + flats. Place a little far off from the arterial roads.
  • Amarprakash chooses location which seems to have a pattern in all of their ads that I have noticed. ORR seemed to be their USP and there will be umpteen proximity statements of distance to the site but at the end, you will still not be able to figure where the location is :).

    I may be low on spatial intelligence but these developers are very keen in testing it on me all the time. Has anyone felt the same?

  • I am afraid


    I am actually afraid of this guy.

    He just comes out of nowhere and blows the whole town with advertisement, just reminding me of the country club kind of operators.
    He seems to be hardcore sales-company. Hardcore sales company do a great sales job but a pretty lousy product.

    Location is not a great one. Being close to ORR doesn't delivery any value to you in real-time.

    I would suggest you to exercise caution, do sufficent study and then proceed with your decision. Don't proceed unless you are convinced 100%.

  • I second the views of AR Kumar. The one and only merit in this project, is location, being close to ORR. But that alone is not a big USP and the price factors in that. Main issue is Amarprakash and be careful about those RE promoters who do aggressive marketing and promise the moon.
  • Haha, blows the town with advertisement is an understatement. Frontpage Hindu and Dinakaran (As far as I know), advertisements in buses, lamp posts, bus stops, door to door pamphlets and what not. This guys have a very very aggressive marketing department, no second thoughts about that. I cannot see the people behind this from their site, can someone shed some light.

    Anyways, went for the site visit. They arranged free cab pickup even though my place is 20+ KM's from the site. One has to travel 7 km's from Pallavaram bus stand, very far away.

    While travelling found Navin's Hillview, Plots by VGN and another Amarprakash project. They have model flats for viewing and they do look neat. They quoted 37-38 lakhs all inclusive for a 914 sqft builtup, 3bhk. The carpet area works out to 639 sqft and UDS is 344 sqft. Floor rise is 25rs per sqft starting from 1st floor:) The cost works out to little more than 4000 rs per sqft which I feel is on the high side. Once can get a same size flat from Jains Alpine Meadows for almost the same price and you get the benefit of earlier possession. Handover date is june 2015 and they are yet to get building approvals.

    I don't have the brochure nearby and will post more details if someone needs them. They are charging 1,50,000 for clubhouse membership, valid for 15 years. They are valuing UDS at 5000 rs per sqft which increases registration cost. When I asked for swimming pool dimensions they were like uhm...

    For now there is no direct connection to ORR, will there be in future? Please comment on future potential, location and nearby projects.
  • I went for a site visit and found everything mentioned in their advertisement is false. Their advertising always say their project is in chrompet. Navin's Hill View exist 1 KM closer to chrompet than amarprakash and Navin's say honestly they are at "Thirumudivakkam".
    Amarprakash always do price comparition, distance to city comparision and rental comparision with other location, none of this will be true, all statistics he shows will favour him alone!! when he cannot be honest in his advertisement itself, hw can we trust him and invest the hard earned money on his product! And they are so foolish to advertise that their project exist in chrompet but actually they are 8 KMs away from chrompet.
  • One has to exaggerate while selling 2500 flats or so. He has to kindle customer interest. Blatant lies sometimes are ignored by the innocent customer. He falls prey to the marketing tantriks. We have to decide based on what we want and not what the builder offers.
  • Originally Posted by radnats
    Blatant lies sometimes are ignored by the innocent customer. He falls prey to the marketing tantriks.

    So true. These guys advertise in tier 2 cities and people buy their promises without exactly knowing all details. They will be proud to own a home in Chennai. Chrompet being widely known helps Amarprakash.
  • Yes . Even i saw amarprakash ad in my home town paper edition in deep south of tamilnadu and they quoted apartments for 18lakhs in chromepet with lot of comparisons .
    Amarprakash is looking like a scrap.
  • Huge project in a remote location.

    Difficult to resell or rent out like Chennai pattinam
  • Originally Posted by lovebirds43k
    Huge project in a remote location.

    Difficult to resell or rent out like Chennai pattinam

    Yes it is Difficult to resell or rent out, but not as remote as Chennai Pattinam.
    You can reach Porur/Poonamalee/Sriperumbuthur quickly from here than from Tambaram. You can reach any part of the city quicker from here than from areas like guduvancherry, MM nagar, Potheri, Ponmar, Mambakkam. This location is close to Kundrathur, Thiruneermalai and Thirumudivakkam. MTC also plans to run Tambaram - poonamalee bus via this route without touching Chrompet-Pallavaram-Pammal-Anakaputur --> The Hindu : Cities / Chennai : End of long wait for vital link road
  • Hmm.. So now these developers are going to keep selling ORR by hyping it as the next hot spot and take land rates to ridiculous levels and later move their next brainchild!

    The buyers will be left lamenting, lingering and meandering in this area without basic needs and proper employment opportunities near by! Lets hope the people stay awake!
  • We don't have to feel irritated or angry when we see a post praising ORR or OMR and feel sad for buyers becoming victim to such treacherous marketing. In 5 yrs we will know who is victim and who is the real loser. I'm not suggesting ORR is going to become a great locality in 5 yrs, but I've seen localities similar to these transform from barren landscape to densely populated residential localities in the past 10 yrs.

    A positive review in IREF is not going to boost sales, buyers are more intelligent than we think they are.
  • Good caution and warning from the experienced investors and members from this forum is warranted - especially for builders like Amarprakash whose only USP is marketing blitz campaign. Nothing else is worth writing about.

    If buyers are as intelligent as it was claimed to be, they can always look beyond the anger, frustration and ignore it. Even if it helps a few, those emotions are worth venting it out for.

  • Is it anger and frustration against Amarprakash or ORR? Anger against Amarprakash has been correctly registered in most of previous posts.