Hello everyone,

I am looking for some input related to construction cost. Here is some background info.

Looking to construct a house with 6 independent units (for 6 family members). 2 units on Ground floor, 2 units on first floor and 1 unit on second floor. Total area including stairwell is roughly 5700 sq. ft. There is a 1000 sq. ft car parking area in the front on the ground floor.

To give you a sense of the quality of construction: RCC framework, Ultra tech cement, Tata Steel rods, vitrified 2x2 tiles, teakwood for door frames/windows etc. and good quality paint for interior and exteriors. Given the quality of the soil in this area, the structural engineer has advised that we build pile foundation (60 piles each to a depth of 18 feet).

Here are my questions:
1. How much should I expect to pay per sq. ft for a project like this?
2. There is 12000 litre underground sump for water. How much would this cost?
3. How would the total construction cost break down by stages? For example, how much of the cost would be incurred by the time the foundation has been completed (piles completed, land raised 3.5 feet from the road level using good quality sand and surface finished off with PCC and underground sump completed).

Any advice on this is greatly appreciated!
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