I have purchased a land (2600 sq.ft) at tambaram Bharathi Dasan Nagar 10 years back with out patta. I want to apply for a patta as i am planning to construct a house. What will be the approx. cost for obtaining patta?.
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  • 2yrs back when i got patta for my plot(4800sq.ft), it cost me around 7k.
  • i think it may coat around 12000 to get with in a week. i got like it 2yrs back 10k.
  • Hi,

    I own a half ground land with duplex house in Tambaram, Madambakkam area. We have all the documents and got it through bank loan 5 years back. Since Patta was not mandatory those days we did not have Patta with us

    Now when we are planning to sell and a buyer is interested its taking almost 3 months to get the Patta. The whole area is called extension with 4 streets and many houses but looks like no one in that area has Patta that's taking too long

    Question is:

    - Is there some way to expedite the process?

    - Can the land be sold without Patta?

    - Since the bank gave us loan and its still active how else to prove we are the owners other than Patta during registration?

    Any suggestions will be helpful.
    • ragavp831 years ago
      Firstly, you should be able to sell without patta,

      if there is subdivision patta already on ur land, on previous owner name, you can get patta transfer within few weeks and if the VAO or the respective guys are decent, you should be getting it done very fast.

      for registration, EC is most important, you can check online ec and your name should be reflecting. After which you can get an actual EC from the sub-registrar office and issue it during registration.
  • It takes 2 minutes to confirm the exact owner on the land. Go to Tamil Nadu E-services login, click on the patta/fmb link, input the details - block, survey no., check the Adangal column in the output. If the name is different, and to change it, it should cost at least rupees 1 lakh - approx guideline val is 5K / sq.feet and about 3 months of frequent visits to taluka office with total humbleness and surrender at their mercy.

    If anyone in Chennai, middle class and with no connections with govt people, claims to have got patta without bribe and or influence, it is a total lie.

    And yes to the question - no patta is required for sale, as roughly 90% of middle class house owners have no patta.