If you are planning to buy or know of Bollineni Hillside please share the details. Is Rs.2500/Sq Ft good enough for that locality and specifications? Has there been any progress in the construction?
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  • Area and construction should be good. But how about the reach? I first entered the project through the back road and returned through the front way. What is the distance to OMR? Seems to be more than 3 KMs and the roads are narrow...

    They are promising to complete the first phase by April'2010. But will they?

    I think this builder is constructing the chennai airport extension....
  • roads/parks public

    Seems the road and park is open to public so no security that is inherent of apartments.

    Also, if not self-occupying, getting tenants can be tough as it is deep inside..
  • Flats availability in Bollineni

    Does anyone has any idea on the availability of 3BHK flats in Bollineni. I went in person and enquired 3 weeks back and they said only 50% of booking is completed. But now when i asked for flats availability for buying they are provinding only few flats that too on top floor. Even though they talk abt Foam concrete technolgy which will take care of 85% of heat radiation, i am still concerned on taking a flat at top floor considering chennai climate.
    Just wondering if they are holding the flats to raise the price and release only people started occupying. Does any one has any idea on this?
  • I would say utilization of foam concrete technology is a good step forward to counter the heat on the top floors to an extent, have my reservations on the mentioned 85% heat negation.

    Further I would consider people who would afford these apts. both on the top floors and lower floors would invariably utilize air-conditioning to counter the chennai summer heat.
  • Originally Posted by g.v.kumar

    One of my friend has booked in this project after paying 5% and he has not paid the 10% till date but unlike other builders they are not forcing him and they seem to be flexible and they are willing to give you more time for making payments.As for the PLC many builders are charging extra for road facing flats but this is not fair but this seems to be a standard with many builders and BSCPL being new to the residential segment are slowly learning these things from from builders.But ensure you get the UDS registered after making 15% payment.The project is really good and Builder has good reputation in the infrastructure space.

    Hello all
    I just joined the forum. I am close to buying a villa in Bolleneni and want to discuss with someone who has already bought or going to buy. My Qs are related to pricing. They are quoting 88L for property dimensions close to 2000 sq ft. We have tried bargaining to no avail. Does anyone have experience bargaining (in general) and any thoughts on this builder, quality of construction. A relative of mine visited this place and is satisfied with the model home etc. Remains to be seen if they deliver on time and quality.Thx for your time.
  • Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!

    The approach to this project is through Tamil Nadu Slum Control Board site and also Tsunami Rehabilitation colony set up after 2004 Tsunami. It is also very far away from OMR by more than 3-4 Kms.

    It is much closer to Sithalapakkam.
  • Witnessed this protest banners in Bollineni Hillside todayhttps://api.indianrealestateforum.com/api//v0/attachments/fetch-attachment?node_id=76346


  • Protest by the residents at its best!!

    Will be more effective than protests in social media!

    The builder has no other option but to wake up to run the show....