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Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

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Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

Last updated: April 27 2015
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  • Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

    Hello experts,

    As everyone says in his or her first thread, yes, I have been following posts in this forum and this is my first one. I need your help in deciding an apartment to buy in OMR.

    I looked for apartment in OMR just because I am from IT field and thought owning an apartment would help me in future. My budget is 50L (inclusive of all additional charges such as, car park, service tax, government tax, corpus fund, etc etc).

    I started to look for 3 BHK in mind thinking that I would need one room to accommodate my parents. With that mind I went with my venture for hunting an apartment for nearly 6 months.

    Since my budget is very tight I could not able to buy any property anything before siruseri. I too was looking for a decent builder and with amenities.

    As the time goes the price went high. Finally I thought to finalize Jains Inseli Park at Padur.

    The reason behind choosing Jain's:

    * I am not a great fan of Jains or neither has known one staying at Jains project for recommended. Only reason because it fitted my budget.

    * I was looking for 3 BHk and it comes to more than 60L. hence narrow down to 52L for 2BHK in jains compromising my desires.

    * Jains brochure says world-class amenities and project is on the Main road (OMR).

    USD comes to be 33%. Rs 3450 per sq feet.

    Honestly, its all my hard earned money and wanted to invest somewhere for a better living and good returns. Planning to go for loan.

    Can any one from experts and genuine advices (agents / brokers please excuse lets have a good humanity) suggest me is this worth buying.

    I have read many notes saying falls comments on Jain housing. But still i went ahead with no option due to budget constraint. I am not interested in projects after kelambakkam. I did my studies from one of the college in OMR and I know how the place looks after 7 PM. Good to know things are changing quite a lot in OMR. I use to hate going on OMR road during college days and today narrow down to the same place

    Thank you for taking time to read my post and your suggestions.

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    Re : Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

    Jains Inselli Park has remained in the same stage for too long, I am not sure if the construction activity has picked up in the recent past.They had put this project on the back burner for quite sometime and I am not sure if they are going to complete it any time soon. There are just too many "Ifs" in this project. Also you will find some problems related to electrical and plumbing fittings (not taps) at a later stage as the apartment shell has stayed unused for so long. I have been facing such issues in one of the delayed projects by Casagrande. So please take all this into account and then decide.

    The project being done by XS reality adjacent to Jains inselli Park is a better bet. They have broken down their township into many micro townships and have completed their projects with lesser delays. I am sure you checked them out, but if not, please pay a visit and decide.

    All the Best.


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      Re : Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai


      Thanks for your reply. I did look into Xs-Real and I am one of their fan. Have seen their building in manapakkam and all looks stunning. The outer color of the building stays good for many years.

      However, the plan they had looks bed-rooms 10*10,10*11 etc...bit small.
      Also the utilities such as washbasin, tiles, rest room closet etc looks to be in budget price. Not that impressive after checking the model flat.
      Only few amenities such as swimming pool, garden, indoor games.

      Comparatively Jains looked better, hope they provide the same during hand over....

      Do you know any other reputed builder in that area. Do not want to go for Pacifia Arum as its not yet started.


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        Re : Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai


        Jains Inseli Park is a good choice at this point as the Construction pace has picked up in recent months. I have very good knowledge about this project and the following are the pros and cons:

        1) good location, Bus stand in front of the complex
        2) unique circular architecture with corridors
        3) quite a few sea view apartments available
        4) Pricing not bad compared to other projects

        1) Delayed construction - Though promised amenities are good, considerable work remains

        Hope this helps.Did you try to bargain the price even lower than 3450?.


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          Re : Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

          Inselli Park has remained inactive for a long time. Legal hassles? No takers? Ghost driven? Management apathy? Broker hatred? Anybody's guess!


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            Re : Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

            If Commisison of 1% is given, person who promotes V-K stretch will plunge soon with sweet stories. Many threads for that matter is silent in all stretches


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              Re : Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

              One effective way of mitigating the risk of delay is to buy a completed apartment. Ofcourse there is a risk of price moving up , but looking at the trend of price appreciation in Padur, this is mostly in linline with bank interest.

              so NBK, my advice will be to wait , see the finished product quality and then plunge. Hope this helps.


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                Re : Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

                Thanks everyone for your valuable suggestions...


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                  Re : Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

                  Still standing like a statue for the last seven years. try your luck


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                    Re : Jains Inseli Park Jain Housing Padur Chennai

                    you are right about the delay.But, have you visited the Inseli park site recently. Construction pace has picked up.

                    My point is at this price point, Inseli park is a good option.


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?