No exclusive thread for Hiranandani Upscale OMR project. Thought of creating one so that we can follow the developments, Rental yields, Issues and other topics.

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  • From SSC

    It's turning out hilarious :)

    Credit to the photographer (SSC)
  • Nice view, that is why I love these ECR beach side properties. Real beach view, free from encroachments, stinky canals and slums.
  • Then why Invetsment in deep forest VK road instead of ECR. We do not want to post photo with Balcony to prove to you. Instead you visit to site and post correctly.
  • Originally Posted by RaviCbe
    We do not want to post photo with Balcony to prove to you. Instead you visit to site and post correctly.

    Thanks for confirming that it is mostly canal view!
  • Where I confirmed. 5 lacs offer to prove it is not accepted by you.
  • Originally Posted by SRajagopalan
    right now supply in ECR for rentals is pretty high - i have been keeping tabs in this market and primelocator will show / reveal this as well.
    apart from what you see there is decent inventory with local brokers as well
    50K to 1.5K gets good houses with servants/cook etc.
    Pool/Beach access is a given.

    SR- The challenge in ECR is poor quality of supply and maintenance. They haven't scratched their true potential. Today in ECR who's who of Chennai are residents- Entrepreneurs, Media/Entertainment, Professionals- but more of end use market than professionally managed service market.

    One need to cross Uthandi to have hospitality and other entertainment facilities. ECR is w/o doubt my favourite place, but haphazard planning and security drags it to current woes.
  • 5 lacs offer to prove it is not accepted by you

    You have underestimated his turnover from this forum :). May be, if you raise the stake, he may bite.

    He may have other reasons not to accept. If he accepts, he has to shut up and may not work for his incurable urge to dump posts here at will. Chandru invited him to visit his Apartment to see for himself. He will not. Because, he cannot rake this issue at convenience. Clairvoyant shows the picture where, from the beach shores, one can see at least top 10 floors as far as eye can see. Doesn't it imply that balconies should have the same vision? He will not accept that neither.

    I have heard of people getting caught with the foot in their mouth; what I see here is that he gets others' foot in his mouth with his own volition :) I can't believe the stubborn vacuousness in his stand...LOL.
  • I have offered him

    1. Hefty service charge to get back more UDS from CCI
    2. Offered 5 lacs if I am not able to show full sea view
    3. Offered flight tickets for to and fro travel
    4. Chandru invited personally to his flat to show beach and waves too
    5. Taught him the Definition of MSB ( 15 Mtrs and above ) and G+3 of 15 Mtrs to be approved by CMDA and LPA in Greensville Thread

    But in vain.

    I am raising my stake to 10 lacs now based on your Advice Mav . If it is proved, He has to pay 10 lacs to me and go away.
  • See view available or not; UDS high or low; amenties live or not - these are of lesser importance when one is reviewing the project in whole. The buyer wants a good sea view (does not mean you need to see 100% sea from every nook & corner - you might as well live on the beach), assurance that amenities are in the process of being up & running, have a spacious carpet area (UDS means nothing - have stated why in some earlier posts too) & have liked minded community around.

    Rest is all personal view point basis one's individualistic preference or lack of it and not much impacting the actual buyer who goes to review properties.
  • Quick question, how much of this is canal view and how much is sea view? I would say 70/30.

    In all likelihood the canal would be encroached by slum dwellers and this view will be no different from view you get when you travel by MRTS from Thirumayilai to Lighthouse.
  • Where from it is taken . See the right side B wood. it was taken from phase1 from Brentwood

    Question is Oceanic Has full sea view or not ?
  • Another angle
  • Yes it is from Phase I.

    Phase II Oceanic and Seagull should have much better views.
  • Seaview or not, Hira Upscale has much more advantages than most other projects in OMR. There is a reason why 1000+ people bought flat in Hira Upscale (in spite of high price/low uds).
  • I have posted the same questions in a diff thread. Posting the same as well as did not find any information in website

    1) Does Hira have sufficient provisions in place to handle an emergency or fire?
    2) Do they have wide fire exists to handle these many numbers of apartments?
    3) Is each house and floor equipped with fire sensor and alarm?
    4) Do they have sprinklers inside flat and corridor to handle fire?
    5) Do they have a PA system in place which will take care of all residents of apartment?

    I am just trying to gauge the safety standards of skyscrapers in chennai. I see lot of discussion on sea view etc but none on the safety aspect.