No exclusive thread for Hiranandani Upscale OMR project. Thought of creating one so that we can follow the developments, Rental yields, Issues and other topics.

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  • Srivat,

    It is Bloom & Gold stores and not bloom


    Hira does not allow others inside. Or else Mcdonalds would have been invited inside . Be it school,Hospital , Store , they go with their own arrangements unlike other township . Tenjin venture who operates in Powai has been roped in to cater to needs in small way . As on date , occupancy rate is 22-25% and it steadily increases with more Regn in place, Furnishing in place and thrown open for rental and or kept for end use. Despite this store, people prefer still Navalur for fresh Non Veg , fruits ad other purchases.

    Yes furnishing alone takes 3-4 months time for phase 1 and 6-8 months for phase 2 from personal experience .

    Hira having sensed and privy for the info about sorrounding sites would have smelled long back about Allied ventured and gone for prefab structures . They now concentrate fully for the road with infra leading to club house, tennis court near back water seriously

    Shopping mall in lefts side from others and right side from Hira is a double bonus for Hira ad all OMR Residents before Toll gate upto Kelambakkam . When this kicked off soon, it would create different segment and pull more owners to move in is my guess not only for Hira but for aforesaid projects mentioned in previous posts .

    CP has vast digital film network and will pull slowly other stores soon. In fact , in PMC in Velachery many early business stores sections were eagerly waiting for Multiplexes which pulls mass for the business volume for stores. Now only Opaline and Thalambur stretch created massive mass movements and big crowd is the witness

    Ampa mall, EA, CC,CP,Mayajal becomes complete only with Malls, Multiplexes, F&B etc
  • Last time , I too saw in different way . Which year and month need to be mentioned so that who goes inside CP before starring at this photo may not get confused. It is altogether different for film viewers and slowly attracting crowds .

    SSI Agoram started just opposite to Mayajal which was promoted by Pentafour Chandrseakar

    Both were into IT Education and Software solutions in pre 2000 and started choosing these fields now . Competition always get developed in all fields be it MGR or Sivajai for a particular role or story .

    Originally Posted by Love4land
    Last time I visited Navalur I saw a godown like building named Coromandel plaza. Has it become fully occupied and started fetching money for promotors?

    It was supposed to look like this when work started:
  • All must know that it ends up with Gold and not gloom . CP is away from toll gate and need not brought to fry here .

    Hira or their inmates are not having dearth of transportation to source what ever they need in and around Egattur for that matter.

    One need not buy stuff only from Shopping mall but still can source according to their needs from varieties of stores be it for their Bangles through shop or stitching the clothes while remembering " stitch in time saves nine "
  • Originally Posted by Economist
    To me it looks like an interim make shift shop to cater the needs of current occupants.

    I would imagine there will be a decent sized mall, how ever it could take over 5-10 years for such infra to be operational.

    Spot on! It's an interim arrangement as per my understanding and true flat value can be unlocked only after commercial activities pick up stream. As always they do have ambitious plans on paper, but speculating here sometimes not taken in right spirits. So we will wait until something tangible precipitates.

    Another interesting stat I heard is 20% of tenants just land in Hira for school; eventually, another 20% of all new buyers were previous tenants.
  • Originally Posted by k11
    By the way a question to Hira investors - Ravi, Chandru, etc.

    Do they sell the shops in Hira.
    If so, what would be the rates to it.

    Would they sell it later down the road or would it be rent only.

    As stated earlier- Hira will do only corporate lease (atleast that's their current norm in Mumbai)

    Just FYI- National Geographic is currently doing a programme (Megastructures) on Hira's township in Powai and will be telecast-ed later this year!
  • Slightly off topic, National Geographic Megacities and Megastructures are one of my favorites. However the most pathetic Megacities episode was the one about Mumbai. There was nothing megacity about it. It was far cry from cities like Dubai or Shanghai.

    I'm sure even a third rated city in China will have a better skyline and public transport infrastructure than Mumbai.
  • Yes it's pretty informative stuff on NatGeo- esp. on Grandeur vision and management.

    On a similar note- Marketing is such an important tool today. Not to take credit away from Hira's team or could be just coincidental- The Gentleman (Sr Mgmt ) I spoke to in Hira (July) said he doesn't have an iota of idea on forums like these and stays away due to adverse publicity.

    But we had a lengthy chat on how digital landscape have changed buyer's profile today, and how 'Social Media' plays an important role today in decision making by bringing more transparency on the process- by connecting builders directly with prospective buyers- lot of ground work are done in online forums today.

    He was all on ears and said he will definitely look into digital set-up soon; to connect with buyers. I just came across their Facebook group and it's truly classy They are rated pretty highly among Mumbaikars for these reasons.
  • Builders or their staffs need not participate in forums, it will only result in adverse publicity. The senior manager was correct on that. However they could make lot of data public and easily accessible. This is the way things are done in first world countries.
  • Of course they don't have to participate here as it could be counter-productive. But it's important to understand the pulse and feedbacks and take it in right spirits. They can't sit in pedestal on past glory- that's how most of the brands are decimated.

    But they have done it in clever way. Subtle-marketing will reach their target audience and can only promote their brand value. Lot of companies have set-up specific roles to monitor brands online.
  • Originally Posted by Love4land
    Builders or their staffs need not participate in forums, it will only result in adverse publicity. The senior manager was correct on that. However they could make lot of data public and easily accessible. This is the way things are done in first world countries.

    In case if you are looking for financial statements or Annual reports of unlisted companies all is available at website.

    You have to create a login first. Go to

    Click view public documents -> Search with company name -> Add to Cart -> Pay (50 rs)

    IN case if some document is not available raise a RTI to MCA to get it.

    I think India has a good corporate governance in place on papers only thing is our law is lenient in punishing them quickly so no one follows it.
  • A Hira resident posted this picture of cremation ground.
  • Sitting in the balcony would make you realise 'aadi adangum vazhkai aada'...can be added as one of the life style amenities...gud luck and nsoy the view....
  • Looks like a far away camp fire by the river.

    Would be perfect for a quite evening in the balcony, listening to Jagjit Singh's ghazal with old fashioned Scotch on the rocks.

    Great for philosophical evening.

    In these day & age it is very rare to get an opportunity for such philosophical ghazal nights.

    Looks like Hira does offer various thems.
  • The other side of cremation yard seem like basketball court, is it sandwiched between residential blocks and school?
  • L4L, This is really a disturbing sight, if true... All this while there were numerous discussions on GY issue in HIRA ... but seeing it in pictures is something else..