Hello Experts,

I would like to know your opinion before I move forward, I was searching for a land near Ponmar, Mambakkam etc. I got a direct owner(says so) who has 1500 sqft plot in Veerapandi layout in Ponmar. I never been to this place. Am planning to go next week as am currently out of station.

I would like to know how far that layout from Ponmar bus stop? (he says its 500 meters from bus stand)

If some body have the layout soft copy pls forward to me

He is quoting Rs.1200 psf, is that worth?

Do we have any ASI problem in this layout?

Thanks in advance !!!

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  • Originally Posted by balait
    Thanks for your suggestion... I see there is a cbse school going to open in the 2017 onwards.. So I thought development will start slowly near to that area once school has started

    Christwood ICSE School have started Admissions for the academic year 2017-18 .
  • Hi Sada, Jones Dawn Villa Phase II in Ponmar. last week, we went to site visit on this 'Jones Dawn Villa Phase II ' in ponmar..They are quoting 3990/sqft..
    This is DTCP approved layout.
    Can you please share your valuable information about this layout (like,location ,price and other amenities).?
    Do i need need to check any other info about this?

  • Hai everyone,
    i am new member here, i would like to buy plot in ponmar area, I Visited site elite kavin nagar, ponmar to Navalur road, ponmar, it is panchayat approval plot. promoter told me, they applied OSR. pls advise
  • Hi @ponraj5769 to my knowledge (experts, do correct if wrong) OSR is not required for panchayat approval. Also, even they say that OSR is applied, it should be registered in the name of the approval authority. I think the stretch which you are saying is between Ponmar and Ottiambakkam, there are a couple of ASI restricted areas, since your layout is not DTCP approved, better double check your plot against ASI and also double documents. Finally, a piece of advice, do avoid unapproved layouts.
  • Remember Selva Nagar and Verapandi Nagar in Ponmar are the best layouts in India. And they got all forms of approval. The price will never drop in these layouts even in present marketing condition.
  • "the best layouts in India" WOW!!!! i thought in the whole world... :)
  • Hi All,
    Please kindly check with Archeological Survey of India before finalise the deal. Many places in Ponmar are with in the limits of Archeological limits. May not get construction approvals
  • I checked with ASI office chennai in person, they were very kind in helping. in MM road towards Mambakkam, ASI has sites on the left hand side which means ottiambakam, etc. on the right hand side which means vengadamangalam, etc, they have nothing. Also, they have said they generally put one board to notify it is their area. For checking with them, Survey number is required,
  • I was looking at this lay out. Can you please advise what is the current reasonable price in this area. I am interested to buy in this area. Thanks in advance for your help
  • Hi everyone,

    Can any one please let me know current market price of veerapandi nagar(front) and surrounding area. I am interested in ponmar for purchase and construction of plots not more than 1km from main road.
  • Dear experts, can anyone please suggest to is it worth buy plot in Veerapandi nagar in Ponmar. The quoted price is 1700/sq ft. The plot is on 50 ft road in the middle of the layout near water company.This is only for investment. Kindy advise. Thank you so much!

    • mana.m3 months ago
      Thank you for your prompt reply. With the budget of 1500 to 1700 RS per sq ft, which area be wise to invest in 10 years of margin? If you could,kindly advise please.