Im looking for a land in the areas of Kottivakkam Till Injambakkam, if you can suggest best place to invest. my budget would be 50 to 60 L. prefer to have a approved plot, ready to construct.

If you can refer to a right place and layout.

Thanks in advance !!
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  • CD, it is 6 lanes
    Originally Posted by chennaidesi
    Ravi the current proposal is 4 lanes or 6 lanes.
  • 6 lanes

    Originally Posted by Arunag
    CD, it is 6 lanes

    6 lanes till mahabs is approved
    im not sure how many follow every week atleast 3 times amma travels on this road to payyanur bungalow
    the car crosses in the evening and comes back at 6am in the morning

    People who follow ECR know whats happening there, Reddykuppam/kanathur encroachements were all demolished
    the highway is a done deal this aatchi particularly with her traveling so frequently
  • Hi rajesh here

    Can some body tell me the land price in k.g. Emerald beach gated community in devaneri village in e.c.r cheenai
  • Originally Posted by rajeshsurana
    Can some body tell me the land price in k.g. Emerald beach gated community in devaneri village in e.c.r cheenai

    Last i was there it was 18L a ground
    But please pay a personal visit this place was a like a POND in December 2012 when i went good layout if you want to buy inthe very veryvery front
    there are tons of deals infract i have a Banglore guy trying to sell 2 grounds for 40L for a very very long time not moved at all..
    beware of this layout
    well laid out but intereriors are close to canal
    there are few houses in the front
    it comes close to mamalla rest, petrol bunk opp etc

    Instead of this i would look in KINGS nagar on seaside near arcot veerasami house ( kerala style oattu veedu)
    dinesh karthick , madhavan, vivek have all bought there
  • KINGS nagar on seaside - any idea on price/availability please, appreciate a response from any known source. TIA
  • Originally Posted by senras
    KINGS nagar on seaside - any idea on price/availability please, appreciate a response from any known source. TIA

    Going price is 30 to 33L per ground
    BUT please do a SITE visit before buying poperties are not very clearly marked so there is possibility of misrepresentation do your home work
    there is a singh house who is like a baba - there are sites besides his house
    go straight to beach there is arcot veerasamy house there are sites near his house
    if you need a broker info i need to dig its in my india cell phone -
    i found a good guy there who lives in poondhandalam village ADMK guy
  • Anyone have any idea about the land cost at ecr-pondy bypass junction (right side). There was a proposal to have mamalla busstand here. Any developments in this area? Close to the adyar ananda bhavan.
  • Have you found the going rate in ECR road KG Emerald Beach resort?
  • KG Emerald aa vida matteeengala - i have not seen the price moved there for atleast 1 year - still water logging plots in the very front close to ECR are moving the ones in the back are like small pond - nothing wrong - but roads are decent -
    i would say 20-24L is the range per ground

    any one knows price in Kings nagar now near ARCOTTAAAR kerala house ?
  • ECR is not for investment.

    It is for own use.

    Buy a 4 ground plot near the beach & build a nice house with a pool & and a roof top penthouse bedroom and lounge bar facing the ocean.

    Forget about RoI,rest of messy Chennai and CMDA.

    Life style & business are two different things you do not want to mix both.

    Just make sure you have enough Watchmans, Drivers, Servent to clean & cook.

    Principle residence is all about lifestyle not Investment.

    Would you think an ML550 or an A5 as an investment? Guys who drive European/German cars will never buy Japanese or American cars again in their life time (for own use)

    When it comes to lifestyle, No compromise - Innaki Setha nalaiku paal.
  • Boss but a BMW 5 series or even a 3 is retaining better value in the last model year revision

    I won't totally agree ECR is not investment
    If your motivations includes investment and other facets I don't want to mention May be I will use the word avoidance and shades..
    The cumulative "benefit" will beat all cagr calculations

    But like I mentioned the investment objective and premise are totally personalized ...

    Also if you apply 20 year time horizon the properties that have exponential growth potential are in the ECR belt as the classical FSI based how much sellable sqft can I produce and what is the value of a sqft of flat costs in does not apply here,
    The buyers come here for what you mentioned lifestyle and it will command and carry a premium....

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  • Agree with SR. If u can spot the right opportunities there is money to made in ecr. Bought 2 grounds near Kg emerald in 2003 for 2.5l. Now trading at 20-25l for 1 ground.
  • If you look at Neelangarai in 2006 was 18 to 20L a ground and its about 1.5-1.75C=2C a ground depending on various parameters
    the growth has been staggering since 2006-7 in this corridor particularly with corporation expansion laying of roads and ECR expansion
    there will always be a premium to pay all the way to mahabs over a period of time, need to be patient.
    waterfront and beachfront will always command premium and its a universal truth regardless of which country or continent you look at.