Hello ,

With the help of a Broker i was looking for some plots in kapaleeswarar nagar and he showed me a couple of plots. i read that kapaleeswarar nagar comes under CRZ II .

two questions :

1 ) before buying the Plot what specific details do i need to check while buying a coastal property ?

2) can i get approval to build a house in kapaleeswarar nagar from CMDA ? or does it have to be greater than 4800 sqt ft to get approval ? and how far should the plot be located from the sea to get approval ?

thanks for all the answers .
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  • What is the present rate quoted per ground in Neelangarai Kapaleeswarar Nagar ?
  • Property should be beyond 500Mtrs from Sea. 2G is minumum plot size to build. Check up with CMDA rules with experts. Most plots are big so there would be no issues.

    Try to get a bunglow or a newer property than a plot or old house. Contructing houses are very expensive nowadays. There are many great deals in Neelankarai especially if you have the budget.
  • hello K11

    hello K11 ,

    i have good budget but i am unable to buy a good property . brokers have been terrible. maybe there are not enough houses or plots are hard to come by in the ECR area ? meaning approved plots ? .

    do any of the members have any good contacts or brokers who can help ? .i have been searching for close to one year but i havent found a good property. i am searching for residential houses only.

    i saw a couple of houses and most of them are unapproved. that is the reason i started to search for plots in the area.

    i would really appreciate some help .( any good realty Houses or good contacts )

    Thanks members.
  • There are no good brokers or bad brokers,even a bad broker can get you the one right property.
    You got to use mutiple ways, brokers+hindu,paper ads+friends,family.
  • For older layouts u can get approval for plots less than 4800 sq.fts, i have seen people who has got approval, even i know a person who will process these things.............
  • contacts

    Hi Shk007 ,

    do you mind sharing your contact for processing the paperwork for approval in ECR ?

    i don't see a way or PM to exchange any numbers. my pm is also not active.

    how do we exchange contacts ?

  • HI,

    Even my PM is alsio not active, give ur mail id i share the details.
  • pm

    we cannot post email or phone nos in public forum . for PM to be activated you need atleast 10 + posts according to moderator.
  • hi

    Originally Posted by veegeeksk
    we cannot post email or phone nos in public forum . for PM to be activated you need atleast 10 + posts according to moderator.

    Then i think we have post 10 posts.......
  • Which area is better in Neelangarai Kapaleeshwarar Nagar, Kazura garden or ranga reddy garden in terms of good neighbourhood and better appreciation ?
  • can you pls refer me to the person who can help me get the approval process.