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Good good interior for my new house


Good good interior for my new house

Last updated: December 27 2012
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  • Good good interior for my new house

    Hi iam constructing a house in chennai. Can you suggest me a good interior who also charges reasonably
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    Re : Good good interior for my new house

    Good Good and reasonable price do not go hand in hand.

    What is your budget? Size of home?
    What do you meanby interiors - does it include flooring and kitchen?
    Can you spare time and effort?

    Go to interior consultant if your budget is 20-30L and above. They will make almost half of money by overcharging for materials and then some more from labor.

    You can get very good work done yourself if you shop for materials and pay for labor seperately.


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      Re : Good good interior for my new house

      Agree with K11.

      Interior Designor is the easiest job one takes with visiting cards,2-3 Carpentors and have hefty margin of 2-3 times depends upon the Ignorance and Innocence of Customers and day robbery job from my personal experience .

      4-5 quotes ( Economical to Costly) for Curtains,Light fittings ,Wall Papers,False ceiling,AC, Standalone Wardrobes,Modular Kitchen ,Designor Doors ,Painting as per choice , Furnitures as per need and space will help you to save your own money and for mental satisfaction which is ultimate .

      Combination of Economical to Costly out of these 4-5 quotes would give more leverage and saving since all areas do not require Cheapest and Costly stuff.

      So many shops are in City and mall to have all these things with delivery and installation


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        Re : Good good interior for my new house

        eazyparkraj, if you like I can recommend you a few designers whom I work with (no i don't get any commissions). But as someone pointed you need to have a fair amount of idea as to what kind of a end product you are looking at without which any designer or carpenter can easily take you for a ride.

        If interested, send across your mail ID and I will send you references.


        Have any questions or thoughts about this?