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Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years


Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

Last updated: August 16 2016
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    Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

    Good topic!

    As a concept Community living is a fantastic opportunity where you get to mix with variety of people across geography, ethnicities and countries. I also lived in a township (BHEL) where the quality of life was 50 years ahead (during 1970s80s) with very well planned, roads, drainage, water supply, maintenance, play area, one of the best schools in the country, religious worship places etc...With its impressive life style, people started (including my family) mimicking this in near by place (BHELPUR) with excellent layout spanning 30-40 acres filled with 140-200 individuals (all independent home) wit roads, underground drainage, common piped water supply to all houses, common septic tank with treated water diverted to nearby canal where water was primarily used for irrigation - I am talking about the model township in 1980s....

    But now, with 10 acres of land filled with population of entire township in my place that spanned thousands of acres of land - Not sure if this is sustainable without adequate support system.

    In Western countries they first complete all infrastructure development before start developing the community. There is a clear guidelines prescribed for each area and there will not be mix of class to ensure safe living. Community patrols will fine homes that are not maintained properly (here you would question why I should clean my house sort of arguments).

    Our vision and intelligence is lightyears behind what is being followed in West. We can at best make some crude attempts and expect our favourite Gods to complete the rest.


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      Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

      Originally posted by g.v.kumar View Post
      The association do not have any right to shut off Water supply to residents for non-payment of Maintenance fees.The resident can take them to court.The association can deal with erring residents legally only.We faced this issue in our apartment complex also.If possible please provide the link of the court judgement.

      Thanks for the info. I googled, but am not able to find that link. But I see lot of links stating otherwise. So I might be wrong here or the judgement I has seen was one-off.

      Wow, taking the unruly tenant/owner to court would go on for years. May god bless gated communities and its decent owers


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        Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

        In the coming years, keeping crunch for water and electricity in mind, i vote for a gated community only. always group buying wins. Our govts failed miserably to provide good public parks and pleasant residential ares. So we have to do all this ourselves. I beleive passion for gated comms will keep increasing in people. And already there is price diff of 5-8 lacks in gated and regular stand alone houses (in basic cost).


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          Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

          I do agree that group buying always gives you an upper hand but I do have my doubts about the concept of group buying of water and DG expenses.I / We would like to hear the take of someone who has experience of things that have gone wrong in their community and how they overcame such situations (practical only not some thing i.e on paper which cannot be enforced in real life due to scenarios in real life)

          Group buying always is successful where all parties with vested interest get their due correctly. i.e We all go to a movie, the expenses should be shared equally or in other terms If in a group, when everyone spends rs.10 and a few get more for their spend and a few less it may lead to dissatisfaction among them and compromises only work in short term and seldom in long term.

          Again, when spending on electric backups, water surcharges and garbage disposal where everyone pools in their share to ease operations there will always be a few freeloaders, spongers and the like who use more than they are supposed to. And this will spark emotions here and there as is always possible where money is involved (everyone apart from a gifted few work hard to earn it dont they).

          A picture perfect scenario follows. I own and occupy a property in a gated community / apartment bloack where sufficient backup for elctricity, water and garbage disposal is paid by the pooled maintenance amount shared by the community. My occupancy is for 2 people against my neighbour who lives with his extended family of 6. Now rationally assuming equal usage per person my neighbour uses 3 times more resources than I do though we each occupy the same floor having equal sized properties.

          With the absense of separate Electric meters for DG provided electricity and water meters for water usage at each property, I am required (at current majority apartment scenes) to pay by the floor area.

          isnt this unjust? why should I pay for my neighbours expenditure. Also will the capital and operational expenses be shared by the ownersof vacant properties. If they do pay for all, I agree with the capital expense but arent they being penalised by sharing the operational expense i.e the month on month usage cost which they actually didnt use.

          Coming back to water scarcity (i.e when all ground water is dried up) raised by the poster before me, We are a family of 4 and we use approx 500 - 600 litres of water a day when we dont se the washer and 700 - 800 litres per day when we wash our clothes. So buying a lorry of water i.e 16000 litres will come for atleast 15 days. And we can survive the worst of scarcities even if we buy one lorry of water month by rationing our priorities. But when the water scarcity hits (0 ground water) these huge apartment blocks or gated communities with common water storage / pumping facilites it will be a great job in itself to locate water suppliers who could supply 10's of lakhs of litres of water every day. Isnt this a drawback in such scenarios. And even if you find a provider, places where water meters are not installed controlling selfish spongers will be a job in itself next to impossible.

          The above said, I would like to raise another subquestion, If you are living in a gated community / apartment complex which provides DG backup and private water supply, does your property have separate meters for DG electric and water. Even if yours doesnt, it would really help if you just print your community down and say whether it does or doesnt and the rationale and the rate behind your maintenance charges and what amount you pay now.


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            Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

            IMO gated communities in Chennai will be a failure (at least medium term) since there are many unfavourable factors.

            1. Chennai people never get united (it is a general curse in Tamil Nadu due to various reasons which I am not going to touch upon)
            2. Water resources in TN limited to provide consistent in large volumes for such huge gated communities
            3. It typically takes 20 years for a normal residential localities (mostly made of individual houses) to get underground drainage
            4. Exorbitant maintenance cost keeps increasing
            5. Failed piped gas connections, inadequate telecom network in a large complex
            6. Too many people to access common utilities and amenities - associations start charging unreasonable amount to curb misuse of facilities. Eventually all amenities will be only on paper
            7. Deisel & Genset expenses going to increase(thanks recent steps remove oil subsidies) to operate pressurised pumps & to operate lifts
            8. Non Resident owners don't care about quality of tenants, leave unwanted neighbours in your communities (bachelors, drunkard, eve teasers, drug addicts to name a few)
            9. Frequent water outage, electrical outages even you can't use toilets if something is broken in one place
            10. Any spoiler in the community affects the whole community
            11. Very difficult to manage large associations(beyond 150-200) due to kind of complex issues
            12. Your tenants may not be liked by the association citing various reasons as excuse
            14. If you are non resident, chances are very high that you may have to pay for water & electricity though you may have locked your door for months - typically residents in the association take dominant position (citing implementation issues to measure usage of water or deisel). Most often non residents end up paying for usage of residents
            15. ..........


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              Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

              Very good analysis dear


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                Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

                Regarding #1, is this a reason that TN has got more political parties than anywhere in the world or may be in the galaxy?

                [QUOTE=Ramchi;676092]IMO gated communities in Chennai will be a failure (at least medium term) since there are many unfavourable factors.

                1. Chennai people never get united (it is a general curse in Tamil Nadu due to various reasons which I am not going to touch upon)


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                  Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

                  Absolutely true. The maintenance cost keeps increasing each year and every few years, we would also have to incur the developmental cost (painting, repairing amenities, replacing/repairing gensets, etc). Chennai townships will go through a learning curve and the township maintenance will be standardized and outsourced to professional entities by the next decade. Till then, people living in townships will have to face a lot of issues and the welfare associations will not be able to cope up. Apartments with 50-200 houses would be a better bet till then.


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                    Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

                    I enjoyed staying in a independent house in T Nagar. Now Traffic is a nightmare. Today invading Two Wheelers just keep hooting with high frequency horn even though there are no traffic on the road. They dont know to slow down or stop on need basis and just want to whiz past and hence use horns indicriminately day in and out. This affects the peace and tranquility of residential areas. Moreoever every household think and act differently and does not collectively think and execute. People simply dont practice Social Etiquette. This is where gated communities come handy where like minded people come together with similar expectations. For anything a group is there to solve issues At least my family feels that today there is peace of mind and can sleep peacefully. No outside vehicle can comes inside. There is no infringement from neighbours like dumping their waste by the side of your property etc as there is a garbage collection system. I think that people would slowly move towards gated communities for all such reasons. With more people going to gated communities the price of landed gated communities will go up. Apartment gated communities has however got its own challenges.


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                      Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

                      I think when?, where? and how? matter a lot when it comes to judging the concept of a gated community.

                      1. Till mid nineties, in Chennai, it would've appeared a silly idea. Even today, there are good cities where a gated community is a alien concept. You don't need it if town planning is done well by the appropriate authorities. Imagine anna nagar back in 80's, and several similar areas, it was just a large well planned gated community. We all prefer a decent ambiance around us. Town planning in Chennai is long forgotten concept. We have no other go, but to form planned micro towns at our own expense. Of course it costs!

                      2. In western countries gated communities are preferred only for the security aspect, especially by those with a transferable job.

                      3. The social mix of the community matters. Show me one gated community that tries for a mix of families from different financial levels! In a way the gated community as an answer to provide better social gathering for the family and kids is fake! We do not want to mix with people below our financial position, we even fear them, and we cannot mingle with those above us!


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?