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Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years


Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

Last updated: August 16 2016
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    Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

    Also on my street, Indep houses are all on 50X80 plots or bigger with prices running into several crores.

    Reg/Stamp duty itself would be big amount.


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      Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

      Got you .. Independent homes are only for very rich people and not for common man

      is my interpretation is right ?

      Originally posted by k11 View Post
      Have you seen, Rajni's speech on 'Spring' hotel opening on Youtube.

      I am not a fan of actor, but like what he says.

      'Rich man also has a garden in his home'.

      Nowadays who constructs on low FSI in the city. We (or builders) build to maximum as always.

      Also price of a Indep house (in city) is much higher, has a lot of premium over flats.
      Sometimes more than twice the flat value, taking UDS and builtup into account.


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        Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

        Originally posted by Arunag View Post
        Got you .. Independent homes are only for very rich people and not for common man

        is my interpretation is right ?
        Of course, it is for rich people in the city.

        Also include regular people who are willing to pay more for the same amount of space.

        See Villas on OMR. You can get a 3-bhk apt for 70L but people buy a Villa for 2C. Villas are not exactly independent housing but lets say Indep houses are as expensive as villas or more.


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          Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

          Township solution

          “In most big cities, land prices have skyrocketed. Townships address the needs of their habitants and are the way forward,” said Pradeep Jain, Chairman, CREDAI, who was in the city recently. Even as the city warms up to the idea of townships that promote the ‘work, play, live’ way of living, Jain stressed the need for developers to provide all necessary amenities such as proper roads, taxis and even emergency services within the township, similar to the amenities provided by the government outside townships.
          Talking about the proposed Land Bill, he said, “Once the Bill is passed, any kind of public-private partnership in development will be difficult except perhaps in large-scale public projects and civic services.” Speaking of the impact of FDI in the sector, he said, “I am confident that its impact will be felt on the realty sector over the next three to four years.”
          Addressing the growing concern about the lack of affordable housing, Jain asked for a single window clearance system for affordable projects. He also said that uniformity in rules and regulations across states and clarity on the size of affordable homes would help. “The confusion particularly prevails in the wake of the recent RBI announcement to allow external commercial borrowings (ECB) for low-cost and affordable housing,” said Jain.
          According to the RBI, “a low-cost affordable housing scheme for availing ECB would be a project in which at least 60 per cent of the permissible FSI (floor space index) would be for units having a maximum carpet area of up to 60 sq. m”. However, Jain pointed out that many states had local norms that did not permit homes in these specifications. Clearly, some clarity in ground rules would help these schemes to take off better.


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            Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

            Originally posted by k11 View Post
            Independent housing is a very inefficient type of housing.
            Low FSI, expensive maintainance (becasue of not-sharing costs), water issues, security, low rental yeilds, etc.

            Group housing is way to go for everyone.

            Independent housing (in city and suburbs) is reserved for well to do people only.
            My Friend, I wish to STRONGLY DISAGREE With you..

            You are right, Independent house in suburbs/city is meant for well to do people, but such people do and must exist as part of any economy/society, unless we want to become a Communist Marxist nation where everyone is paid the same and made to live in government built quarters..

            Also on inefficiency, you are probably referring to inefficiency in usage of land, but what about inefficiency in usage of other resources (that are capital intensive), i would say these GCs with elaborate ancillary facilities (swimming pools, etc etc) are also inefficient in their own ways...

            In future, as conventional energy resources get scare, roof top solar may get popular and this would make independent houses a preferrable option..

            And more importantly, Independent houses are always the best option for a set of people, who live to lead their lives in their own ways that are not conforming with the crowd. Such people should and must be part of any thriving city.


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              Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

              Another point i want to add is - in a homogeneous society - like say Japan et al, GCs will succeed since 99% of people share same habits, attitudes etc etc and can confirm with the basic rules and regulations that any large GC puts up with.

              In a multicultural country like India, it is difficult to frame common rules of a GC without either a) upsetting some minority of residents or b) restricting GC to only some select set of people.

              So given these, Ind houses are here to stay. Only thing is , more like US, we will see people living in Ind houses far away from CBD and commuting Long distances to work.


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                Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

                Personally, I like gated communities for the following reasons.

                1) Security - I can lock my flat and go out of town for months together, without worrying about people breaking in due to a) round the clock security, b) registering non-residents who enter the complex, and c) neighbor's being active on the common floor lending some kind of activity in the surroundings.

                2) Services - We have a dhobi who regularly comes around knocking on doors asking for clothes to iron, we have cleaning ladies cleaning the common areas asking for garbage to take to the dumpster, we have restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, grocery stores etc. that take orders over the phone and home deliver. Also we have companies advertizing free car services, putting on displays for selling stuff like garments etc.

                3) Open spaces - In an independent house, we only have control over our piece of land, and people constructing on the adjacent land with deviations blocking our light and air, people parking on the street blocking our driveway or sponging our visitor parking area, play area for kids without facing dangers like rash drivers etc. are problems that do not really exist in GCs.

                4) Common amenities - like swimming pools, clubhouses, etc which are of course factored into what we pay for when we buy in a GC, but since they will also be factored in when we sell, we essentially pay a holding price to enjoy these amenities.

                5) Community - Children finding friends, old people finding friends in their age group to chat with etc.

                6) Problem solving - Common issues like buying water from tanker lorries, repairing water treatment plants etc, is undertaken by the association members who have the time to spare, which we are extremely grateful for as we're both professionals and work 6 days a week, and would otherwise have to take leave from work to fix these type of things.


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                  Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

                  Individual homes with spacious area have advantage in maintaining garden etc. Being said that you should have more members in the family to have activities inside. It is risky when kids grow up, leave abroad and old parents stuck with staying back. Also if neighbors deviates their structure or multistory apartment come up near by that will block all the sun lights and become a dark home. Also multiple relaying of road cause most of the homes to have their main entrance go lower than the road and cause flooding or stagnated water in front of the main gate.
                  In my opinion security issues alone supersedes other advantages staying in individual home. Otherwise we would not see so many joint venture with builder by house owners.
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                    Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

                    Security - You can employ a watchman. In well populated areas in city, it is not a very big concern. Not a big issue.

                    Services - It is an issue. You might have to walk for things.

                    Open Spaces - Not an issue if you are in good locality. Upscale areas with big houses and apts do not have deviations. Guess that why it is expensive.

                    Common amenities - Agree, it is a issue. Biggest plus point for group housing.

                    Community - It is not as bad in Indep houses, especially if you have been living there for some time. Somtimes there are families/friends and people from your own communiuty living nearby.
                    Still, I would say flats are much better.

                    Problem Solving - Issue in Indep houses. You need to have caretaker or spend more time in things. But a plus point is you can do whatever you want, no associations, asking permissions, etc.

                    My views are based on Indep houses in nice localities. It does not include cramped multi family housing in slums or low class areas, I do not call them Indep houses. I also do not include houses built on 500sqft plots, so it is a different segment altogether.


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                      Re : Townships / Gated Communities - Their fate in 15 - 20 years

                      Also in areas like West mambalam, T Nagar, RA Puram very often you find cars parked in front of the gate and blocking your drive way. There was big a protest by residents in T Nagar yesterday.


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?