Dear friends
I have purchased 6 cmda plots and one panchayat appd plot during
the period between 2006 and 2007.

All these plots were purchased by me availing personal loan from
different banks (Total loan amount around 24 lakhs).

During the year 2008 the value of all my plots went upwards. By the middle of 2008 all my plots value reached upto 1.25 crore.

The very brokers through whom I purchased these plots were approaching me now and then asking me to sell my plots.

To be frank with you, I was not interested in selling any of my plots.

Then came the recession. It made me to think of selling any one of my plots.

One year back, In July 2008 I started approaching the mediators to find buyers.

It is nearly one year since I started this process.

Untill today, I am not able to sell my plots. Mediators told If I reduce the price, I can move the plot. But even though I accepted their suggested rate, they are not able to find any buyer.

Reason : Scarcity of Money. Non Availability of housing loan.
Absence of interest in genuine Buyers.


Note : I have purchased one CMDA approved plot in Thiruninravur Near Ayisha real estate layout. My plot is a corner plot with 40 feet road on both sides.

I purchased this plot for just Rs.100 per sq.ft in August 2007. Like Mr. Nat has told in another thread Ayisha is quoting Rs. 650 per sft. But in reality no one can sell above Rs.300 per sft.

I am not able to sell my plot in thiruninravur even for Rs. 250 per sft. So, if anyone is telling that he can sell his plot in Thiruninravur for Rs. 1000 per sft, it is nothing but a lie.

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