People in mainstream media like (1)TV channels (2) newspapers (3)magazines (4) media company owned websites

are all talking about hyper inflation, prices increasing like never before, green shoots et al.

These were the same people who told viewers or readers to take low interest home loans with 15% downpayment, invest in the next stock gem. After what happened in 2008, now the same people are saying we will see hyper inflation, stimulus from governments, green shots, consumer prices rising, et al.

Do you trust mainstream media?

I don't.

There will be no hyper inflation. There is be no regular controlled inflation either.

There will be only one forced choice which is : Deflation

In deflation, prices of everything will come down in Rupee terms. Prices of food, oil, housing, education etc will come down. But even incomes will come down (ofcourse mainly in occupations where there is excesses).

But for those who have always saved it will be really good news because in Deflation, you can buy for Rs.25000 what all you can buy now for Rs.50000.

So Deflation is what will happen and if you (1) don' have debts (2) and have always saved money in banks in FDs, savings account and have cash: You will be happiest person.
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