I own a 2800 sq feet land near kanchepuram. this is 8-10 km from kancheepuram (before Dusi village ) toward Cheeyar SIPCOT.

Bought it for 12 Lakhs in 2006. Anyone have idea of prevailing price around that area?

Is it good option to sell it right now and buy something in VK road (1500 sq feet) for good returns in 4-5 years?

or better to hold for good returns later. The layout is on the main road connecting kancheepurm and cheeyar.
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  • 400+/sqft on Kancheepuram - Cheyyar highway in 2006? Wow, that sounds expensive. Plots along V-K road at that time should have costed the same I guess.

    I dont know much about Kancheepuram and its surroundings, but its logical to sell it off and invest in Chennai's suburbs for better returns later.
  • Thanks cruise_1982. Yes, it costed that much. I was out of country and all dealing went thru my parents. I will definitely consider selling if off and buy something around chennai suburbs.

    have few questions:

    will cheeyar SIPCOT will boost the price around the surroundings?
    Anyone familiar with kancheepur can get me the prevailing price?

    I know Siruseri SIPCOT was way beyond the thinking of anyone before 10 years. I remember visiting Steria (formally Xansa) in 2003 when nothing was there in the surroundings. Today lots of companies got in there. Are there any plans for industry to come into cheyaar SIPCOT?

    Some may think i am greedy to have cheyaar sipcot to be Siruseri, but its not my thinking. just wanted to get a decent return for the investment.

    Will it be a good option to sell it with no returns and buy 1500 sq feet in VK Road or thiruporur for a better return later?

  • Does it has dtcp approval?
  • Yes, its a patta land with all approvals.
  • Originally Posted by NewtwoRE
    Yes, its a patta land with all approvals.

    Nothing to mock but when a land owner says its all approved patta land answer to a dtcp question bought it at 400/sqft in 2006 ( actually why VK road at that time you could have bought for 1250 in neelangarai)
    shows the information outreach
    Like cruise said better to sell and reinvest in PONMAR if you ask me
  • Thanks for the feedback.. I will sure consider selling it and invest near to chennai suburbs.
  • Originally Posted by NewtwoRE
    Thanks for the feedback.. I will sure consider selling it and invest near to chennai suburbs.

    Sorry i was not being rude but it irks me when you can put so much money without researching the approval classification
  • I would say the going price there is around 1000/sqft. I would side with Cruise and SR on selling it and investing in V-K road (Kolapakkam or Mambakkam).
  • @SRajagopalan
    I did not find you rude. I asked this question here for experts advice and I am happy that you guys take time to help people like me.

    Yes, I will do complete research before buying an property going forward.

    The land is DTCP approved.


    are you from that area? Do you mean going rate is 1000/sqft? The plot is in Abdullapuram very close to Sapthagiri nagar and layout is on road.

    Can you please help me out.