Hi all,
I chose a half ground site marketed by a Real estate company.It was advertised as CMDA approved. Now they are giving me a regularisation permit signed by Member Secretary, CMDA Chennai who they say is Comm. of Panchayat Union. The approval bears stamp 'Regularised' subject to conditions of their office letter no.so and so. dt. 4/3/2004.
It is seen that a specified sum has been paid on ac of OSR (as enquired from the Company). The letter says that any loss to the govt has to be borne by individual in lieu of regularisation.
if anybody has any idea please do clarify ! The plots are all individually regularised ( all the plots separately in this layout!) and the roads are all 20 & 21ft road. The real estate company says the cost of land would become very high if space for bigger roads, parks and community halls are left hence the payment of OSR (Open Space Regularisation !)
Will the govt charge anything more for providing amenities ? Is it worthwhile getting into this ? Please share your opinions !
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