I bought a house in Tambaram taluk dated back 2001. Original extent of the undivided plot was 4300/sq ft and my seller has sold 950 sqft of vaccant land to his neigbour in 1998 and sold the rest ie 3300 sqft + 1000 sqft building to me in 2001. Building and the plots are approved by local body and CMDA way back in 1990 itself. There is enough vaccant area aroudn the house ie 5ft widht on sideways and 5 ft in the front and 20ft backyard. Now I want to construct the first floor which is same as ground floor and approached the local body on approval of the plan. I happened to hear that the subdivision is not permissiable under CMDA rule which insists that min sub divided plot area should be not less than 1000 sqft and should have the frontage of 20 ft. Becos of this un authorised subdivision plan cannot be approved eventhough other norms of the house is met.

My question is
1. Is there any such rule which exists in CMDA?
2. Why they should hold my application eventhough I have enough vaccant land is there?
3.How to overcome this?

Already the neighbour plot has constructed 2 floors in his subdivided plot.


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