Dear friends,
Iam planning to book an apartment in Vivacity Guduvanchery so please let me know of this would be a good decision. They are quoting Rs 2645 per sqft . It is located on nellikuppam road near kannivakkan. Responses are appreciated.
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  • The location is very inside and not developed. Locationwise, it will take years to improve.

    Builder is reputed and good builder. But, I am not sure about FSI,etc. for this project.
  • It is a project spread in 3.7 acres with 7 blocks of stilt + 4 with 352 apts.
  • how far from lancor lumina and shriram properties? could you send me their brochure? the cost is inclusive of all?
  • I dont have the brouchure with me but the base price is Rs 2645 excuding other costs.
    This project is around 1.5 to 2 kms away from shriram however it is 500 mts from nellikuppam road.
  • As others said, it is far away from either side and cost also high.
  • Hi, I am also planning to book a 2.5 BHK in vivacity. I have been to the site. It is very far from OMR like more than 15 KM and like 6 KM from GST. I dont think there is any development near the site. The pros are the rates have come down to 2295/sq ft. It is just 0.5 KM from the Guduvanchery - Thiruporur road. Should we buy this property? I am confused.
  • In such remote locations by plots rather than flats
  • Now this flats offer under govt subsidy
  • I am observing this area in and around since 2012 now it has substantial development ..the plot rate was 600 & now it is around 1100
  • hi.
    it all depends on what / why we are purchasing it.

    Rental Return
    Appreciation of property
    Maintenance cost of the property
    Infrastructure around the area
    Resale value after 5 years
    Reputation of the Builder
    Likelihood of future developments before this flat

    Only if your answer is convincing for all the above, please go for it, else it might become a dead investment.