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TNHB Flats, TNHB, KK Nagar, Trichy


TNHB Flats, TNHB, KK Nagar, Trichy

Last updated: June 20 2013
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  • TNHB Flats, TNHB, KK Nagar, Trichy

    Pardon me for posting Trichy sector ad in Chennai.. Couldnt find a perfect place to post this.( Guess many from Trichy will be going through this forum).

    TNHB has announced issuing the applications for KK Nagar in Trichy. Following are the details. @Economist : Got the info through the site you recommended. If anypne finds the post not suitable here., let me know..I will remove it.

    I really cant beleive the price which they have quoted...
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    Re : TNHB Flats, TNHB, KK Nagar, Trichy

    Siva, I am not a fan of TNHB Flats.

    I can consider their flats for investment only in Chennai if it in good location. with good UDS.

    I only prefer there Plots, That is due to their lay out and town planing.

    In regional cities I strongly suggest plots only.

    I am not very familiar with South Thirchy, KK nagar in Trichy as whole appears to have been developed by TNHB many years ago.

    The flat price appears expensive (25 Lakhs for LIG flat - more than Sholinganallur price & over 60% of Indranagar price) how ever a local person would be able to advise better on the price.

    Rule of thumb is - It has to be 40% cheaper to a good private builder's price in the same area.
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      Re : TNHB Flats, TNHB, KK Nagar, Trichy

      Very expensive for KK Nagar Trichy a very dry place without its own water source. Though the place itself is not bad but it was considered outside of Trichy for a very long period. I am not sure if this is far away KK Nagar closer to Anna Stadium or near RTO Office....eitherway, it is a dry place. But closer to educational institute Railway Station, Bus Stand is a residential area but for 920 sqft (not sure about UDS) Rs 44 L for Trichy is too high IMO.


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        Re : TNHB Flats, TNHB, KK Nagar, Trichy

        @Ramchi : I felt the same.... I dont know why the pricing been kept at this high... It has to be reasonable. I dont know whether they made tie-up with some private builders or so... Since as far as I know., You can get an individual house in and around 1km of this area for Rs.50,00,000 with a decent sq.ft (atleast 1000).


        Have any questions or thoughts about this?