Please post your views on Tambaram. After decades of maintaining stranglehold on retail landscape, T.Nagar is finally ready to give up its monopoly and Tambaram is emerging as one of strongest contender. How will this impact development around this area?

Here is an interesting post by fellow member Subramania:

"Nathella jewelers is coming up in between area of GRT jewelers & Ponnuswamy hotel in Tambaram sanatorium. They kept name in shop, it looks shops nearing completion for inauguration.

T.Nagar LKS jewelers is coming up in Tamabaram. Exterior construction is finished, still interior & painting in exterior is pending. They kept name board "Site is for T.nagar LKS gold house"

Strong sources to get believed says Saravana stores is coming up in Chromepet opposite Holy angels school & next to Maruthi showroom/shell petrol bunk area.
♦Nathella jewellers opened on July 10th

♣Its 100% confirmed that saravana stores only coming up on vacant land next to Maruthi vishnu cars showroom/near vaishanava college gate(now construction happening).

♠As on recent update Sekar Emporium is coming up in place where once naidu hall naihaa store located(above nallas aapakadai).

• On place next to Reliance trends where renovation going on its Mega mart big showroom going to come up"

I'll add Jayachandran gold house to the list. It was inaugurated on Jan this year.
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  • ^^^^

    I would say try next Purasaivakam.

    Purasai already has:

    Saravana Stores ,Ratna store, Sri Krishna,GRT, Nathella, Kazana, Narayana Pearls,KFJ,Fathima, Kerala Jwellers, Kalyani covering etc etc for quite some years.

    Purasai has always been a comercial area for decades.

    Thambaram should aspire to beat Purasai first before heading towards T Nagar.
  • Yes, Tambaram is just one of contenders. I'm focussing only on south chennai, it is going to be the focal point for GST and OMR region shoppers.

    Most people from south chennai head to T.Nagar for their major shopping needs, being a south chennaiite I'll obviously compare only with T.Nagar, I've hardly visited Purasai.

    To respect North chennai folks, let us also take Purasai, Villivakkam and Vyasarpadi for comparison.
  • Yes, The retailers are diversifying to mulitiple areas - Localisation strategy.

    Instead of only one T-Nagar there will be multipile small T-nagars like:

    Kodambakkam/Vadapalani etc etc.

    The jewellers & Clothing stores are branching out in all the above areas.

    With growing traffic issues - people are trying to shop in the local region.

    In the future (10 yrs or so) other commercial spots may develop in areas like Medavakkam, Poonamallie etc etc.
  • Yes, we are going to have multiple shops like how RMKV recently opened showroom in Phoenix market city but the main focal point for southern suburbs is going to be Tambaram, a one stop to get all, similar to T.Nagar.
  • Opening of branches of various retail favorites at vantage locations is a natural extension of business growth. What is happening in Tambaram today will happen to Poonamalle tomorrow - can one say Poonamalle is a strong contender to Tambaram retail landscape? No.

    This is not a race between T Nagar and Tambaram or which next location will replace T Nagar. Businesses choose locations where there is a potential. This is not a one-winner-take-all scenario and there is enough for all of them to win.
  • I slightly differ in opinion, opening business in new markets may be the primary objective , but what happened to parrys over 5 decades can happen to T.nagar leading to dilution.
    After indpenendence when my grandfather got his 7 kids married they always went to "Town" to do the shopping for all good days and functions, town meant Parrys corner back then,
    then since 1960s mambalam/tnagar started to become a hub and people diluted parrys and moved to tnagar / pondy bazaar and panagal park for shopping
    My parents till date shop only there, Now if the bus stand move vandalur happens and all main retailers set up shop in Tamabaram, it WILL dilute the out of town traffic that you see in T.nagar today, it just makes it easy for folks who come from trichy, madurai, south to get down in vandalur and go to tamabram and shop and return home, why should they bother to go to Tnagar
    Now this may not happen in one day but in 10 + years this is a very possible thing to happen
    Similarly folks from west suburbs todo their shopping in Porur/Poonamallee is a very strong possibility.
    City folks will continue to keep their strong allegiences and wont change shopping patterns that easily but out of city folks will.
  • Every locality is becoming self sustained..its not only tambaram..tambaram is just one such location..Franchises and opening of branches are natural and result of business expansion..In many cases..the sons/daughters of first wife/second wife and likes have split their businesses and are opening in different places..we cant expect the same quality and standard too..for example..In new york, saravana bhavan franchise has a chennai they maintain it like a temple and dont reuse the oil used..the new shops opened are not one and the same..when businesses grow and promote a brand..sometimes originality gets lost..for a place to become like pursai or t.nagar..we need all know which all communities..their interest is very minimal right now..Its a long way in my opinion to beome a commercial hub, for that we need turnover in crores and business from all over the state and country.

    All supply to chennai is coming from the naturally, based on logistics..the wholesale market will be in the north only near the central station..with the new peripheral ring road can become sriperambathur in future..but the fact remains..when people from interior tamilnadu come to chennai to buy wedding saree/jewels..they dont go to any branches..nowadays, we have shops in every major they will obviously go to the main headquarters which is in t.nagar..they may goto kanchipuram where the saree can be custom made, but the default choice will remain T.nagar/CBD.

    Having more choices is good for living, it makes the suburbs more attractive..we can expect areas around such location like tambaram, porur, sholinganallur, vandalur etc to grow because of commercial remains to be seen if such ventures are profitable..for example gold souk in vandalur is a bold prospect..when prashant gold tower/joy alukkas are struggling to break even due to tough competition for GRT and Malls opened are empty on weekdays..we have to wait and see if non-essential businesses can flourish..Naihaa opened 5 years back during sub-prime crisis in tambaram vicinity was not profitable..there are so many such cases..from what I have observed till now..commercial RE has no relation to residential market..they are two different beasts.
  • T Nagar could get replaced like Parrys over time. Anointing Tambaram right now is bit far fetched and too premature. It is just getting started. These locations are unlikely to make money(operating metrics) on their per store basis to start with.

    Most of these stores are placeholders for future and they stock stuff based on the demographics. Macy's in downtown Manhattan have a different variety than the one in NJ Mall. On the surface, they look the same. Similar differentiation does exist among Jewellers/Textiles even among T Nagar and other locations. Try shopping in Pothis in Tirunelveli vs T Nagar. For those shopping needs *which* are discretionary and you do it once or twice a year, Tambaram folks who need variety will still flock to T Nagar.

    Certain microcosms are hard to replicate and not that they are irreplaceable. What happens in Tambaram today will happen to more locations. One of these locations could potentially do/take significant business from T Nagar but anointment of new T Nagar is a long way to go and can wait is my point.
  • @SR,

    I belive in Multi satellite retail Center approch will be the way of the future.

    The one Parry's Corner or one T-Nagar approch is not suitable for current geographic spread of Chennai.

    Yes, Thambaram will be one key Satellite Retail Center - No doubt.

    Take note: Vandalur Bus Terminus is for South TN only, West TN & North TN & Inter State (AP) are still out of Koyambedu.

    There is also a Terminus on plan for Madhavaram next.

    When ever I staying at my home Annanagar - I do all shopping in Annanagar,Purasai/Kilpauk and Nungambakkam - I avoid venturing past Nungambakkam on week days due to Traffic Issues/delays.

    When ever I am staying at my wife's house in Shastri Nagar, I shop at T-Nagar, Mylapore/Luz Corner, Citi Center. I avoid venturing past Alwarpet during week days due to Traffic Issues/delays.

    Pre 8 am weekdays or Sunday wholeday is the only day I would dare cross city travel or long distance travel with in Chennai.

    I feel multi Saltillite Retail Hubs on :


    Will be the trend.
    That Trend will spead to other areas North,South,East & West.

    Spots to watch out in the future are:

    Perambur, Madhavaram, Poonamallie, Madavakkam.
  • THere is no doubt that Thambaram is a major emerging retail hub that will be the commercial nerve center for all regions from Urapakkam to guduvanchery to east thambaram to mudichur ..

    But Tambaram == TNagar? Well there will be need for many TNagars and rightly too.
  • Looking at the past posts, There appears to be three school of thoughts:

    1) Replacement/Displacement Theory: Where T-Nagar Retail Hub is expected to be replaced by a New Retail Hub (Tambarm)

    2) Retention Theory: Where T-Nagar will retain is crown as the principle retail hub of chennai, however there will be branchs of major retailers spread in various other location.

    3) Satellite Retail Hubs Theory: Where multiple satellite retail Hubs will emerge in various locations around the city and T-Nagar's dominance will be reduced from "The Single Core Retail Hub of Chennai" to one of the major Satellite Retail Hub just like few others - (my view)
  • Saravana Stores buying property in West Tambaram, Mudichur road....Person known to me was offered attractive price.
  • After the grand opening of Ratna store a month back (tambaram west – close to vidya theater), hopping that Saravana stores is all set to open its branch in tambaram ( off mudichur rood towards the start of kishkinta road ) soon. Banner flashing its name on a newly constructed building.

    Saravana Bavan is also eyeing to set up its presence in tamabram west.....
  • Balank regarding Dharkas road how many KM's from gst road you can see developments inside. Is there developments till rcm high school.
  • Tambaram is no where close to Anna Nagar, Velachery etc in terms of development and growth.

    Our cities are not like U.S ones where big malls are away from city centers and our transportation infrastructure is not that great. Time taken for commuting to Vandalur / Koyambedu / TNagar / Central etc during peak hours (or otherwise) is herculean task.

    thus Internet/on-line shopping growth would change the dynamics in different dimensions. If digital (broadband usage etc) penetration happens in suburbs and towns, even places like T.Nagar would be forgotten.