Does anyone have a map of where the proposed railway line from Chennai to Puducherry along the ECR will be laid?
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  • I also saw this information in the website of Marg Swarnabhoomi (Chennai-Cuddalore rail link masterplan approved).
  • HI Frnds,

    I dont have MAP . this survey was hapnd on 2008.this may be changed...

    This is the alignment for which Survey happened(Kms from Perungudi in brackets)

    1. Perungudi (O Km)
    2. Solinganallur(9.6 Km - Crossing)
    3. Kovalam (23.6 Km - Crossing)
    4. Tirupporur(30.1 Km - Crossing)
    5. Mahabalipuram(43.7 Km - Crossing)
    6. Kalpakkam(49.3 Km - Halt)
    7. Sadurangappattinam(52.7 Km - Crossing)
    8. Kuvattur(64.5 Km - Crossing)
    9. Cheyyur(80.2 Km - Crossing)
    10. Chunampet(92.8 Km - Halt)
    11. Marakkanam(96.6 Km - Crossing)
    12. Kunimedu(112 Km - Crossing)
    13. Kuilappalayam(125.6 Km - Crossing)
    14. Jipmer(131.1 Km - Halt)
    15. Pondichery(139.1 Km - Terminal)
    16. New Pondichery(147.4 Km - Junction)
    17. Bahoor(161.9 Km - Crossing)
    18. Varakalpattu(170.2 Km - Existing Station in VM - CUPJ Line - Proposed Junction)
    19. Tiruppadirippuliyur (175.3 Km - Existing Crossing Station)
    20. Cuddalore Port(179.2 Km - Existing junction)
  • Hi
    This topic is of special interest to me as Iam looking to buy on ecr /omr and where this train line will go exactly determines some of the acquistions that will happen. So any info on which exact villages this line takes will be helpful. while we understand it goes along the buckhingam canal, is there any info where they may put feeder roads there an official govt map showing the precise route that we can try to get?
  • ECR railway line

    We can get some more details from here....