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Chennai : Vacant Land Tax


Chennai : Vacant Land Tax

Last updated: September 8 2019
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  • Chennai : Vacant Land Tax

    Hi All,

    I have a situation where i purchased a panchayat approved land in Kallengal - Sulur district - Coimbatore. I have applied for Patta and got the new patta with my name (Current owner)from the corporation office.

    1. When i check in the site ( It shows my old owner name from whom i bought. It doesn't displays my name in it. What has to be done so that if i check in site "View Patta / Chitta Extract" my name should also be displayed as I am the current owner.

    2. How to apply for Vacant land tax (the procedure to get the assessment number for paying Vacant land tax)?

    Thank You,

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    Re : Chennai : Vacant Land Tax

    Updation will take time . Better fence the land and have constant vigil.

    Do not pay VLT which is unwarranted . Send a scanned copy to VAO, DT,eservices to update periodically until it gets reflected in your name officially.

    BTW, as long as you hold original Patta byway of Hard copy, you need not bother too much what lies in eservices record as we all transact based on Hard copies per se


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      Re : Chennai : Vacant Land Tax

      Thank You so much for the quick response

      I have purchased the land from promoters and It's quite worrying because when it comes on us no matter how ever it is quite frightening.

      The fact that made me worried was the other person who purchased the plot near my site got the Patta with the e-site referring his name and he started the construction of his house.


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        Re : Chennai : Vacant Land Tax

        for all your questions only one answer approch Village Administration Office of the respected division, VLT has to be paid in VAO office, and for the 2nd question - take EC and copy of the document to confirm the registeration taken place, eservice is not so updated dont worry


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          Re : Chennai : Vacant Land Tax

          Thanks to all,,

          That was a great info..


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            Re : Chennai : Vacant Land Tax

            Hi Friends,

            I bought a land in Perumattunallur, Guduvanchery last year and now I am planning to start the construction work by Jan 2018. I am having a couple of doubts and someone can please clear it.

            1) Whether we need to pay any type of land tax with Municipality before stating the work.

            2) How much we need to pay for each sq.ft.

            Also, can someone share the latest material prices website and any known good builder in and around Guduvancherry area?

            Thank you.



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              Re : Chennai : Vacant Land Tax


              Please do not get worried This is how corporations all over TN work. If you can make a contact with the counselleor of the relevant local body and satsfy Him (???) Then you will get what you want. But wait till the Local boty elections are held.

              Good Luck



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