At present today the real estate market is in troublesome situation and really the property prices have become so inexpensive. The major cause for this problem is the scarcity of land in our cities.

Investing more money in property is really a bang for the buck as far as considered with the middle class people in India. Totally the property values have been increased and now it has been drastically come down. Is it so? And further some predictions say that Real estate owners are towards decreased sales and increasing inventories

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  • Perceived value of RE in India is always high which typically substantiated with increase in overall price point at a very long term horizon and few short term hyper activities though it is still debatable if it has given any returns as such from investment stand point. But RE incidentally caters to basic need of human being, demand can never go down. It is only the supply, artificial scarcity by restricting development in concentrated areas creating a situation where life beyond certain points becoming challenging.

    To cut the long story short, RE or any investment (for that matter any investment) always remains a zero sum game!!! In a gamble you only be shown nice fancy ladies, wine and what not, as in .....your eye will be blinded with these world view and anything contrary will be ride your luck...