Vamanan Estates

MM Nagar Layout:

* 30'' & 24'' Feet Road.

All are smaller sizes..

Phase II is now launched.. (from 900 sq ft to 1300 sqft)

Visited today..

It is located before "Evergreen Enclave layout" coming from Mappedu.. On the way , I was able to see a cemetery..

Also it seems they yet to get the CMDA approval no. but claiming they have got it..

Price is high (2090 psf ) compare to Evergreen.. Because of smaller sizes, they are saying whatever we interested is got booked already..

The big concern is the road to Vengambakkam is very narrow (frequent lorrys are going on)

Everybody is marketing based on proposed Eastern bye pass.. Needs atleast 2-5 years for the houses to be built.. don't know abt water level...
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  • Hello Jayaramc, did you bought any plot in this layout? may i know the plot number & price ?
  • I have bot F2 during the initial offer of 1990 in P II. I have heard today that the next phase is ON for advance booking.
  • Originally Posted by ananthi
    oh no... all the plots were sold in this layout.

    I have heard 2 corner plots are still available and no new updates for next phase. still in discussion.
  • Hi,

    Is this layout cmda approved? Have you verified the documents. Kindly share the layout plan and indicate the vacant plots.
  • Yes, it's CMDA approved. Check this layout image. I heard D2 & C3 is available. Get in touch with them for more details.
  • MM Nagar Phase-3 by vamanan estates

    Hello all,

    Vamanan estates launching MM nagar phase 3.
    Its an extension of existing MM nagar layout near vengambakkam.
    Price quoted is 2500 per sqft.
    CMDA approved.

    Iam planning to book a plot in this layout.

    Fellow members, kindly share your views(pros and cons) regarding this layout and also comment on reputation of the promoter.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Price is high for that location
  • Originally Posted by lovebirds43k
    Price is high for that location

    Thanks for your view. What could be the right price to be negotiated?.
  • Hello experts,

    Your kind feedback please. I need to make my decision with in this weeks.

    • cramalingam3 years ago
      i also heared the price is high in this location..
      Please let me know right price to be negotiate .. how is the location of layout ? is it suitable for immediate construction ? because there is no houses in that areas..
  • your kind feedback please for this layout
  • is this court summon for MM Nagar phase II layout or phase I layout ?
    because phase II is CMDA approval ,right ?i think, Phase I is panchayath approved plots..

    Please let me know the reason of court summon..?
  • Hello All, Can anyone who booked plots in Phase 1 and 2 please tell me, i booked a plot in Phase 3, having known you all have received summon, is it ok to continue or reconsider my choice?. What is the summon about.
    • ananthi3 years ago
      I just asked one of the phase 2 buyer regarding court summon, still problem was not solved. court posted next hearing on Jan27th 2017. I am not sure it will be solved soon by court. they told me Land owner (RR tonners) cheated with parent document. All the phase 1 & 2 buyers worried about his money & land & loan. So be careful to purchase phase 3
  • Hi All,

    I booked a plot in Phase 3 of MM Nagar , Please let me know if there is any issues in this ? Should i reconsider this decision ?
  • Ananthi, thanks for your information.
    Hello Mr.Jayaram,
    I was also told the same reason when i asked about the summon, it was an internal family issue,it is now resolved
    Have you received the summon as you have bought plot in phase 2?
    Since you have bought in Phase 2, can you please confirm if the issue is resolved now.
    • SKADS3 years ago
      Many thanks for the reply, am also new to this Real estate area, trying to get help from all possible ways.
      saru_psk, i've sent one private message to you. please reply to that. you've done a good job i think, i was also told the same reason, issue is only with Phase 1 and 2 which is resolved now. but from Ananthi and Jayaram reply, it seems the issue is not resolved.
  • What is the current situation. Have they solved the case in court. Is it worth to buy land in MM Nagar now