Vamanan Estates

MM Nagar Layout:

* 30'' & 24'' Feet Road.

All are smaller sizes..

Phase II is now launched.. (from 900 sq ft to 1300 sqft)

Visited today..

It is located before "Evergreen Enclave layout" coming from Mappedu.. On the way , I was able to see a cemetery..

Also it seems they yet to get the CMDA approval no. but claiming they have got it..

Price is high (2090 psf ) compare to Evergreen.. Because of smaller sizes, they are saying whatever we interested is got booked already..

The big concern is the road to Vengambakkam is very narrow (frequent lorrys are going on)

Everybody is marketing based on proposed Eastern bye pass.. Needs atleast 2-5 years for the houses to be built.. don't know abt water level...
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  • Hi, I am new in this forum. Last week I went to MM Nagar to purchase a plot in MM Nagar phase 3 and they had asked Rs.2500 per sqft. During that visit, I had also just enquired near some tea shops in Mappedu and someone had told me that the MM Nagar layout was under court case from the last one year. They recommended not to buy in MM Nagar, but I put an online EC and it seems there are no issues in EC.

    I just asked about the court issue but the marketing person said that he wasn't aware of the case. However, he asked me about Vamanans new layout of Lakshmi Nagar in Mappedu. I would like to book a plot in Lakshmi Nagar. But after reading this entire thread in this forum, I fear about Vamanan and MM Nagar. Can anyone suggest if I can proceed with Lakshmi Nagar or MM Nagar phase 3? Or are there any other good layouts near in this area?
    • cramalingam2 years ago
      Hi, I also got info about court case for MM Nagar.. Where this lakshmi nagar is coming ? who is the promoters ? how much of the sqft ? Are you enquired Thirumal nagar layout near adjacent to MM Nagar ?? they are quoted Rs 2600/sqft..
  • it is conflicting, they had called me and said Phase 3 is sold out. Vamanan is a trusted promoter as far as i know but this phase 3 is still an issue from the messages above. If you need proper CMDA approved layout go for Dollars colony, 2600/sqft. no idea about thirumal nagar and lakshmi nagar.
  • Hi all,
    Please share if there is any update in the court proceeding between RR Tanneries and Rudra Info Park as mentioned in this thread.
    Is the dispute resolved? Is it safe to buy plot in MM Nagar now? If there is a dispute how banks are allowing to take loan on MM Nagar?
    Please assist.

  • Hi All,

    I was purchased a plot in Thirumal nagar.

    Still court process is going on, all the MM Nagar plot owners & few Thirumal nagar plot owners received court summon. all are affected from last one year.

    RR Tanneries, Rudra Info Park, MM builders, Vamanan, SP promoters & Visvah are all playing in the innocent peoples money & his life & technically hide this issues on Bank. (especially RR Tanneries, Vamanan & MM Builders)

    I will sure, some of purchased plot owners will take some necessary actions against them, after December 21st.(because next court hiring on that day)

    Hope soon this issues will burst in all the news TV channels & News papers.

  • Hi All,

    I have attached Original case details against some plot owners who bought in Thirumal Nagar, Mappedu Agaramthen .

    Rudradev filled a case against 21 peoples

    there is 7 peoples in RR Tanneries & 14 Thirumal Nagar plot owners added in this case.

    A sad news was 4 plot owners were ex parte on 20th Dec 2017 court hearing due to not getting court summon.

  • Anyone aware of Dollars colony in worth to buy plots or villa in that layout
    • SKADS2 years ago
      Yes, I was once visiting all the layouts in Vengambakkam line. Dollars is good in terms of CMDA approval and legel perspective.
      2 things to mind is it is one km inside from the layout entrance, just backside of this there is one lake and it is in 1 km distance from the Vengadamangalam Compost yard. These are my observations. Above all, layout is well-formed and good.
  • Any updates on Eastern Bypass road? Price is getting increased in that area bec. of proposed by pass road. But it has been pending for more than 8 years I believe. Not sure if it is worth to invest in that area (Mappedu and near by areas).. any thoughts?
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