Plot investors,

can we do a quick summary of good value layouts / plot prospects under 1000rs a sqft ?
I know the sentiment is not towards buying now in Chennai, but getting a good summary of layouts and cataloging them would help when market is positioned for buying opportunities.

Under 1000rs a sqft --- South Chennai Plots
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  • SR
    Being an plot expert it would benefit other forum members if u start with the list of good value layouts under 1000 rs/ sqft.
  • Developer Wisdom properties
    Layout name Sai Baba layout Hill view DTCP
    Location Kolvoy in Nellikuppam road, about 5 km from Lancor project
    Price 890 Psft
    Development Proposed road from Kolvoy to Kandigai VK road junction, expected development from Lancor to Kolvoy stretch
  • Developer Wisdom properties
    Layout name Not remember refer their site DTCP
    Location Karuneelam, Guduvanchery(offfff) SURROUNDED BY ABI Estate layout, not much activity in the surroundings
    Price 560 Psf
  • Jsj Homes Chennai | Jsj Real Estate | Real Estate in Chennai |Plot Sales

    I think this site is mentioned south, any how came across other side of Chennai, let have views.

    Location : Near Ayya Koil
    Type of property : CMDA Approved residential plot
    Distance from Anna nagar : 21 Kms
    Rate : INR . 415 per sq.ft

    Minjur new town
    Location : Near Minjur Rly stn
    Type of property : CMDA Approved residential plot
    Distance from Anna nagar : 28 Kms
    Rate : INR . 395 per sq.ft

    Location : Near SIPCOT
    Type of property : DTCP Residential
    Distance from Anna nagar : 39 Kms
    Rate : INR . 165 per sq.ft
  • Vadaperambakkam is another location you could look plots available from 700-1250 10 Kms from Anna nagar very good roads and very close to madavaram
  • In a city like Chennai, it's always better to invest at a place which is accessible. For the budget you mentioned plots and apartments will be available only at the outskirts of Chennai which is not that desirable. By investing some extra bucks you can easily buy an apartment within the city limits. Good layouts with nice amenities within this budget is difficult to find. May be some of the builders have in the OMR or ECR outer areas. But that is too far. As of now the most preferred locations include Perumbakkam, Medavakkam, Mogappair, Siruseri, among many others. Hence I think it's better to check for good homes in a higher budget. This always give opportunity to choose good amenities and facilities.
  • There is a CMDA approved layout by leohousing called SURYA NAGAR and the price seems Rs 895/ per sq ft. The plus point is it is 2 kms from ORR and cmda approved. Seniors suggestion can be useful in deciding for it.
  • No real growth surya nagar has been at 895 since 2009 when Leo launched
    Watch for HT lines
  • Originally Posted by SRaj001
    No real growth surya nagar has been at 895 since 2009 when Leo launched
    Watch for HT lines

    point well taken but if royappa nagar quotes 1,500/ per sq ft won't surya nagar catch up after ORR opens?
  • Surya nagar is neither close to Orr nor to Bangalore highway that's precisely the problem sriram is owned by Leo they could have developed this very easily and sold they put no effort including marketing
    I saw it last year same 895
  • Few Layouts

    1 - Ashok Leyland Layout -
    Ashok leyland Society layout

    2 - Throwpathi Amman Nagar
    Sri Throwpathi Amman Nagar
  • There is a CMDA layout near Kiskintha, Tambaram. I rate I was quoted was in the range of 850 per sq ft. Gayathri mega nagar near Dhanalakshmi En. college is quoted in the range of 800-950 per sq. ft.
  • Please provide the name - of the layouts , WM links if possible - just giving notional names is not going to help -
    Gayathri mega nagar is all over the map
  • One thing i want to let know my fellow IREF friends is the market is not going anywhere, so dont get impatient and start chasing.
    Why i say this, i was working on a plot on a layout that i did mention in this thread with a seller, after i made the mention a fellow Iref member / IT guy contacts the same seller and offers a price without even understanding the mode of sale, chain of ownership, whether the land has patta or not. Nothing, just rushing to beat the next guy, while i give that these are very good in a hyper active market what we have now in chennai that too in April is dead market.
    I hope you all realize that most properties that im posting in this thread are either trading barely at GV or less than GV and plus each of these layouts have 500 to 1000 plots, so there is no reason to run and grab.
    If you chose to, please be my guest...
    @sundarjp you asked me why im not posting names of layouts this is what happens :), unfortunately the seller disclosed the info to me :)
    I said please sell to my fellow IREF member, there is no scarcity for plots in chennai , i can wait and patiently :)
  • SR,

    I totally understand it. i was just pulling ur leg. One do all the hardwork and the other browse online and get all the info for free. To top it all, put a offer more than the person who provided the info, wowww. as u said, market is dead now. may be a good time to close some deals if ur cash rich.