I was offered a 3 ground plot less than 200M from the sea. I love it as it is so close to the sea. There are about 10 plots and I believe NRIs have bought those. I was promised the local panchayat thalaivar's approval and proof that the fishermen who lived there were paying tax on the "buildings" which were there so that I will not have any difficulties in future. I was told that once I buy the land, I can start construction and the Thalavar will support it.I wonder whether it is worth investing more than 1.5C for this plot in Muthukadu?

As a large sum is involved, i am in a dilemma.
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  • Dont go by promises.See documents of permissions/sanctions.
    Thalaivar will become untraceable if things go wrong and legal questions arise subsequently.
  • check the rules for constructing within 200m.

    Thalivar will become thondar and further inturn may become kundar. becareful
  • Haha......... nice one "Thalivar will become thondar and further inturn may become kundar. becareful"
  • please check CRZ as well. Since you will be buying post notification act, even court will not even give temporary relief for STAY ORDER in case of any issues.
  • VeeCee,
    Offer appears to be legally unsound at present.
    Be very careful.
    All these thalaivar business is fishy.Such people will be hard to tackle once money parts hands.
  • Dear Friends,

    Thank you for the advice. I have decided not to touch that property.
    Thanks again.