OK, first some disclaimers ... I have already been ridiculed for looking at options beyond my budget and me starting such a thread would put me in a further vulnerable position. But this thread is motivated by my experience during the last weekend.

One of the brokers convinced me and my friend to pay a visit to their layout at uthiramerur. We reluctantly agreed. I did not know where this god forsaken uthiramerur was. Anyway, we wanted to give it a shot and so we played along.

We kept going going and going ... past chengulpet, we took a right turn on GST and uthiramerur is 19 kms from there. Even after reaching that place, the layout was nowhere in sight. Drove another 8-10 kms and there the broker showed us layout out of nowhere. We wanted to hide our gullibility and so we came home and called it a nice picnic.

The point is, such places, perhaps are worth buying, if bought in acres. I'm sure these folks get the land for dirt cheap and rake in the moolah by putting a layout. The intent of starting this thread is to know people's experience and opinions on buying land in acreages in the hinterland and not really about "how to make a layout" - that would be a thread by itself.

So, veterans and others ... lets discuss what, where and how of buying land by the acre - wetland, dry land, conversion, etc etc ... what are the nuances, risks, returns ... ?
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