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There are so many plot layouts (un approved )are there in and around chennai nearby to Lake (around 250 Metres away) particularly in Manimangalam and Somangalam area. Will they approved by CMDA in future even after OSR paid? Is that good to buy plots in that area? If no, why government allows to register the plot layouts situated nearby Lakes?
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  • Reply to query for near lake plots

    Why can not you check the approval status of the property you are planning to buy whether from DTCP or CMDA if none just do not proceed with this lands as you may land up with big trouble in future
  • Yes I do agree Umakok. But nowadays it is generic that people buys plot from unapproved layouts and paid 10% OSR to CMDA to get it legally approved. What is the role of our government here to protect us?
  • Have you come across anyone who has paid 10% OSR to CMDA to get it legally approved?

    If anyone in the forum has done it, please share the experience or process involved in it.