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Just was going through this new Property by Casa Grande near Bollineni Hillside , please find the details gathered so far , kindly provide your suggestions , and Experience so far with Casa which could help New buyers like us, btw, I am looking for a property for end use, i like Perumbakkam Area just because of its proximity and also because of too much of pricing in near by areas, here goes some details about this property which i have gathered so far.

Currently - PreLaunch , Launch could be 01-No'2013
Price/sqft = 3350 (1,2,3 bhk)-
visit the page for more details
Casagrande Perumbakkam | Exclusive Apartments at Perumbakkam, OMR
Posession : +2 Yrs

No Elevation available yet , but the Price , brand promise (record so far) , also location(atleast personally) suits me.

What is of my less interest is Chemmencherry housing board is very near, but am still not sure how it is going to turn out negative for this property. so am guessing there is no direct access to this property from the housing board.

Will start posting frequent updates on the same , i will be meeting someone in the sales team today , Anybody any thoughts ? any suggestions greatly invited , will help me and others who are looking for properties for end use.

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  • Hello ,

    Someone can shed some thoughts on Casa in general ????

    Ok , here goes my Sitevisit update, I visited the site today , but the entry was not throught bollineni , may be its still not ready , so i went through Casa Grande Vogue route , levelling work is going on currently and the launch seems to be somewhere in November , may be towards the end, the sales person showed me different Floor Plans , it has total 412 units and it has more than 300 3BHKs in it , there is also a Terrace garden option in the second floor in some of the 3 BHKs.

    Payment - Launch + 10 days - 10%
    +40 days (max 2 months) - 40%
    and from here 5 % till all floors ,
    and Plastering - 15%
    Possession - 5%

    The Price now is 3350 psft , and it may go to 3700 sft during launch Rs 100 psft extra(from launch) for some preferred units.

    Possession : Max in 2 years.

    extra charges come up to 7 lakhs (incl Registration charges) , but still I am not very sure about this ... who knows what will happen during launch time ???

    Still taking some time before i decide , any one else who are interested ?? or anybody who may have their thoughts can shed some light which will be helpful to many of us here ...
  • Are u saying that, the floor plans are different than the ones in proptiger site
    Is there any HT Lines in and around the site?
    I plan to visit the site next week
  • Check how much Tsunami housing board colony is nearby.

    Bolleni hills's value is already suffering due to this
  • Slum board flats are separated only by the OSR of this flat and the access road of this flat. Whoever is going to be concerned about the slum flats, this will. E an issue in this project. HT line passes near the rear of the flat
  • Also look into any ASI problems...there were earlier reports that even part of Bollineni Hills land is under ASI andcannot be sold in the future.

    My relative bought a house in one of those ASI areas without knowing. Noe thought they can continue to live there, in future they cannot sell it at any time.
  • Originally Posted by sanshi
    Are u saying that, the floor plans are different than the ones in proptiger site
    Is there any HT Lines in and around the site?
    I plan to visit the site next week

    Hi sanshi, yes proptiger version doesn't reflect correcrly.
  • Originally Posted by lovebirds43k
    Check how much Tsunami housing board colony is nearby.

    Bolleni hills's value is already suffering due to this

    You may be right about the value depreciation due to this , but as an end user if it think

    1. Only one side faces the housing board.
    2. There is no access to casa from the housing board, and casa is a closed community rather public roads in bollineni.
    3. There are entry points from vogue as well and also there might be entries from embassy(but not so early though).
    4. So it really depends on which unit we are going with.
  • What is a HT line
  • Originally Posted by avichennai
    What is a HT line

    High Tention line used to transport electricity from Power grids to sub-stations. It is not advisable to reside atleast 500 meters surrounding to HT lines, megnatic waves not good for health, disturbing communication signal etc issues. Google for kore info.
  • Thank you Haojin.

    @gana5184 - did you notice any HT lines ? I am a NRI. Interested in this one as I could end use in a couple of years. I will be talking to the builder today. Do you want any specific details to be asked? I will be generally talking about the corridor width, estimated handover time, extra charges for the amenities. I notice in their website that the number of amenities have increased.
  • I have discussed with the sales person, I will check on the HT lines and let you know, BTW, which type are you nailing down ? I still need clarity on UDS calculation, terrace garden and Maintenance charges.
  • I like the types 21A and 21B. I have to talk to them about the terrace.
  • gana5184 , except for UDS I had a discussion with sales person regarding the terrace garden and maintenance charges.

    Terrace Garden - it is completely private and available in the second floor. Either 3rd floor balcony will be above it or it will be open to sky.

    Maintenance - As usual first year maintenance will be builder and responsibility transfers to association from there on.

    Any other info you need gana5184? can we talk in private?
  • Sure avi..will ping u....
  • Hi , they have named the property as Cherry Pick I also enquired about the property . They are quoting as 3350 but any clue how much they are negotiating ?

    ( I jus joined this forum ... can someone rename the thread with this name so that it can be easily searched ...)

    Also the sales person says the additional cost can come upto 8.5L .